The music was a medley of songs, originals by Jellybone and covers of old favorites. The atmosphere could have been a club in downtown San Francisco, Austin or New York or it could have been the Mooncusser or the Unicorn or Wintertide Coffee House — early Island music venues from the sixties and seventies. But it wasn’t. This was the Pit Stop in the Arts District in Oak Bluffs. It was Saturday night and the lineup of musicians was at once stellar and unexpected, including Willy Mason on drums, Rob Myers (Jellybone Rivers), Nina Violet, Brad Tucker, Marciana Jones, Michelle Jones, Adam Lipsky, Charlie Esposito, Slim Bob Berosh and Elisha Wiesner.

And it was awesome. Toward the end of the evening the chairs were cleared away for dancing and the band began to jam with each musician taking the lead, improvising, riffing, then tossing it to another and on and on — and we all hoped it never would end.