Well, last Sunday was certainly very exciting and unfortunately very disappointing. Same time next year, different outcome.

Barbara Armstrong at the Tisbury School wants you to know packets are ready to register your child for kindergarten next fall. Children must be five years old by Sept. 1 to get in that class. Call 508-696-6500. All applications must be in by March 30.

Our 27th annual Martin Luther King, Jr., membership dinner and awards will be held tomorrow evening at the Grill on Main in Edgartown. Cocktail hour and a silent auction begin at 5:30 p.m. Several of our distinguished friends and neighbors will be honored. Call 508-696-5785 to save your seat.

Gizmo was an energetic, regal and most beautiful feline. He had long white fur with black markings, loved his family and the neighborhood kids, put up with two kitten additions to his household last summer, Mr. Butterscotch and Maahx, and kept his family happy for 10 and one half years. Our condolences to Renae Brown, Joe Cormier, and their daughters, Cheyenne and Monique, on his passing, in the arms of the family, last Monday morning. Gizmo really packed in his nine lives. Renae found him as a kitten wandering the streets of Marlborough. When he was five he was attacked by a coyote. When he was six he was lost in a snowstorm for two weeks. When he moved to Bernard Circle he became King of the Road. He had a good, long, furry life and shall be missed.

Our library continues with movie night next Thursday, Feb. 16 at 6 p.m. I cannot reveal the title but it is up for three Academy Award nominations and stars Brad Pitt, Sean Penn and Jessica Chastain. The film is rated PG-13. I’ll see you there.

There are just too many specials going on for Valentine’s Day and well into the month at the Mansion House for me to mention. Call 800-332-4112 or check out Islanders are more than welcome. Wait till you see the deals for staycations.

The month is slipping by and I need to remind you of the Island faces portrait contest put on by Featherstone and the Martha’s Vineyard Museum. The deadline for entries is Feb. 29. Check the rules on Good luck.

Richard “Dick” Hutchinson was a gentleman and a scholar. Dick died on Feb. 1 in the company of his loving family. Our condolences to June, their children, and grandchildren. He was always so kind to me, and so I imagine to everyone. There will be a memorial mass on-Island during the summer.

The birthday bandwagon pulls along James Johnson, Ian Ridgeway and Jainaba Burton-Sundman today. Feb. 11 shines on Judy Pachico, Sabrina Luening, Zadoc Moreis, Joao Prata and Katie Weisman. Feb. 12 honors Sukhi Bahal, Sandy Pratt, Nat Benjamin, and Hannah Holmes Shiverick Van Osten. Feb. 13 is for Brenda Campbell, Linda Dickson, Kristin Daly, Tom Buchert and Fiona Catherine Mayhew. Feb. 14 belongs to Ray Whitaker, Gayle Stiller, Linda Jannace, Sam Bungey and Alan Hirshberg. Feb. 15 is shared by Grace Burton-Sundman and Heliliani Mendes Souza. Feb. 16 is a party for Father Michael Nagle, Stephen Kaufman and Chelsea Rose King. And on Feb. 17 Jill LaPiana and Colin Kennedy take the cake. Many happy returns.