No weights, no dues, attendance not mandatory, essentially no boundaries at all. That’s the idea behind the Alternative Health Club being created by Corinne de Langavant, also known as Coco the Clown.

But this is no laughing matter and only tangentially related to Ms. de Langavant’s alter ego. The health club without walls is grounded in voice movement therapy and based on the four planes of circular motion and includes lessons that come from practicing horizontal, vertical, sagittal and diagonal rotations. The types of movement covered include swimming, yoga, gymnastics, contemporary and modern dance, skating, ballet, riding, cycling, driving and Tai Chi.

The classes begin in early March and, yes, they are free, participants paying on a donation basis only.

In addition to exercises, there will be singing, writing, drawing, painting and other expressive art activities.

For registration or information, call Corinne de Langavant at 508-423-9566.