Mitt Romney can count Martha’s Vineyard among his Super Tuesday victories.

The Island, like the rest of Massachusetts, voted for Mr. Romney in the Republican primary on Tuesday, with the former governor receiving 64 per cent of the Republican vote.

The Boston Globe reports that Mr. Romney won 72 per cent of the vote in Massachusetts, which was one of 10 states to hold primary elections on Tuesday.

Former Pennsylvania senator Rick Santorum placed second with primary voters, with about 16 per cent of the vote. Representative Ron Paul placed third, with 13 per cent, and former House speaker Newt Gingrich came in last among the four candidates, with about 6 per cent.

President Barack Obama ran unopposed on Democratic primary ballots, though some voters opted for “no preference” or left their ballots blank. He received 94 per cent of Democratic votes, and with 644 total votes for him on the Island, he received more than Mr. Romney, who received 610.

Turnout was light at each of the polling stations. Island-wide, 12.7 per cent of registered voters — 1,653 out of 12,938 — cast ballots.

Mr. Romney won 184, or 65 per cent, of 285 votes cast on the Republican ballot in Edgartown. Representative Ron Paul came in a distant second with 41 votes. Former Senator Rick Santorum got 32 votes and former House speaker Newt Gingrich received 15 votes.

In Oak Bluffs, Mr. Romney won the primary by the highest margin, with 71 per cent of the vote, 172 out of the 243 ballots cast. Mr. Santorum was second in Oak Bluffs, with 41 votes. Mr. Paul, with 18 votes, and Mr. Gingrich, with 11 votes, finished third and fourth, respectively.

In Vineyard Haven, Mr. Romney got 63 per cent of the Republican vote, or 138 out of 219 ballots. Mr. Santorum came in second with 40 votes, while Mr. Paul got 30 votes and Mr. Gingrich received nine.

And in West Tisbury, 56 per cent of the vote went to Mr. Romney, with 85 out of 153 Republican ballots in his favor. Mr. Santorum received 27 votes, or 18 per cent; Mr. Paul: 14 per cent, or 22 votes; and Mr. Gingrich: 12 per cent, or 19 votes.

Sixty-three per cent of voters went for Mr. Romney in Chilmark — 29 of 46 Republican ballots. Ten Chilmark voters opted for Mr. Paul. Mr. Santorum received seven votes.

But in Aquinnah it was Mr. Paul who claimed victory. The Texas congressman received four votes, half of the eight Republican ballots cast. Mr. Romney got two votes; Mr. Santorum and Mr. Gingrich received one apiece.

President Obama received 155 votes in West Tisbury, 141 votes in Oak Bluffs, 138 votes in Vineyard Haven, 106 votes in Edgartown, 79 votes in Chilmark and 30 votes in Aquinnah.

Chilmark had the highest turnout of Island towns reporting Tuesday night — 14.7 per cent, or 129, of the 877 registered voters went to the polls. About 13 per cent of West Tisbury’s 2,358 voters came to the polls, and in Edgartown, 12.8 per cent of 3,160 registered voters cast ballots. In Vineyard Haven, 12.7 percent of 2,896 registered voters went to the polls, and 12 per cent of 3,256 registered voters turned out in Oak Bluffs.

The turnout was about 10 percent in Aquinnah, where 39 of 391 registered voters came out to the polls.

Ron Paul received one vote on a Democratic ballot in West Tisbury, and Jon Hunstman, who dropped out of the race in January, received seven votes on the Island. Former Republican contenders Rick Perry and Michele Bachmann, who have also dropped out of the race, each received votes in Edgartown.

Eight people voted on Green Party ballots.