The state ethics commission will not be getting involved in Edgartown’s recent wastewater troubles.

In a February report recounting deficiencies in management practices at the town’s wastewater plant, a special town attorney said that some employees, including one wastewater commissioner, had received services for free. That matter was turned over to the state ethics commission for special review.

According to town administrator Pam Dolby, the state ethics commission has responded that the matter “does not warrant further action,” and that it is appropriate to defer to the administrative actions already taken by the town.

In February, the town accepted the resignation of plant manager Joseph Alosso.

In other business at the 10 minute meeting Monday afternoon, the selectmen approved a bottom aquaculture license for adult oysters in Katama Bay for Thomas F. Rogers. Mr. Rogers received the last of 12 aquaculture licenses available for the area.

The selectmen also approved a petition by NStar to install 30 feet of underground cable and conduit under Pease’s Point Way.