Hello, Dolly. It’s so nice to have you back where you belong! Dolly Campbell, recently but too soon retired from the thrift shop, has just spent three months in Wellington, New Zealand. Her son, Seth, and his wife, Jacqui, live there, along with three-year-old Silas. Well, guess what? New brother Wilder McLeod Campbell arrived on Jan. 19, all nine pounds of him. Dolly has been there to visit, help out, and do the grandmother thing. Jacqui’s parents also live in New Zealand and I know both families get along famously. Welcome back, Dolly. Now think how many actors, rock stars, and athletes have comebacks and get yourself back to the thrift shop.

We are pleased to announce that at 6:30 p.m. tonight on MVTV you may view the job shadow day sponsored by our Martha’s Vineyard Youth Leadership Initiative group. Thank you to the many participating businesses and entrepreneurs who made this happen, among them Rose Styron, Amnesty International, and several farms and businesses.

When I wrote about Russell Snowden calling me two weeks ago from Florida to say how well he follows the Gazette and my column after retiring from here to there, I forgot to say that the main point was to tell me he had finally seen the Progressive insurance ad and that woman, Flo. He totally agrees with me. Flo has to go! I don’t want to be completely negative, though. I must tell you I do like any Ellen DeGeneres advertisements for J.C.Penny, and Geiko ads are fine with me. Very humorous.

My new snit is over ballpoint pens. Remember when you were a kid and bought 10 or 12 Papermates or Bics for 99 cents? They lasted about three years. If they didn’t last, it was because you lost them, not because they ran out of ink. Well, I haven’t checked the print on the package, but I can just bet the new ballpoints are made in a country that’s a five-letter word. A country that almost killed all four of my pets five years ago by additives to pet food and also poisoned its own baby formula to increase bulk and profits. You can buy a new pack of pens and wait to try the third before you get a squiggle, and that isn’t even constant. Back to the fountain pens. Explain to your kids and grandkids what those were.

Our library is proud to present the second annual Common Threads poetry discussions group, which will meet every Saturday at 2 p.m. in April. The focus this year is on Massachusetts poets. Among my favorites and others are Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, Emily Dickinson and Robert Lowell. I’ll see you there.

The birthday bandwagon pulls along Allison Crews, Louise Tierney, and Casey Elizabeth Hendrickson today. Tomorrow is a party for Babette Benoit, Corbyn Clark Garza and Ellie and Greta Hehre. March 25 honors Jim Hart, Olivia Lee Singh and Mick Mortimer. March 26 shines on June Manning, Ari Raynayn Siegler, Shirley Robinson, Liz Owens, Anne Bennett, and Barbara Ivert. And on March 28 Mike Hebert and Mary Campos take the cake. Many happy returns.