Women’s Leadership

A new global company, Optimal Women’s Leadership (OWL) has been launched, based in Martha’s Vineyard, according to its founder and organizational consultant, Annika Hurwitt Schahn. It’s mission, Ms. Schahn says, is to help women leaders and emerging leaders experience psychological freedom.

Ms. Schann works with an approach she calls principles for optimal living, a teaching approach that helps people find psychological freedom and happiness in life. A psychotherapist by training, she has taught these principles on the Vineyard since she founded her other company, the Center for Optimal Living, in 2000.

Ms. Schann is offering coaching and trainings through OWL, and already has a number of women leaders signed up for coaching and for her webinars. For more information, go to optimalwomensleaderhip.com, or contact Ms. Schann at 508-687-9946, annika@optimaliving.net.