Regional high school freshman Gordon Moore dubbed his entry into the 15th Annual Linguini Bridge Contest “awesome,” and on Monday morning, the small pasta-and-glue creation lived up to its name.

The Awesome Bridge, weighing just 342 grams, took home the top prize in the contest, supporting 1500 pounds with nary a crack. Last year’s winning bridge also withstood the near-tonnage of 1,500 pounds. The school record, held by Alexia Schroeder (class of ‘09) is 2,115 pounds.

Students in math teacher Ken deBettencourt’s freshmen and sophomore classes participate in the contest, constructing bridges out of Prince linguini and Elmer’s glue. The bridges must weigh in at less than a pound.

Second place went to sophomores Toron DeLuz and Patrick McCarthy for “The Blowfish Malibu Bridge,” which supported 1125 pounds. Freshman Jake Pertile took third with “The Jake,” weighing in at 412 grams and holding up 675 pounds.

Freshmen Henry Gallagher and Charlie Parkhurst took fourth with “Chuck Norris,” which weighed 436 grams and supported 540 pounds.

Gordon and fellow freshman Lee Faraca also won the regional high school science fair last month with their project on solar and wind energy.