Jeffrey and Jessica Willoughby, two of the plaintiffs suing Cessna Aircraft Company in a civil trial over a 2005 plane crash at Katama Airfield, have settled with the company and are no longer involved in the trial that has been underway in Edgartown for the past three weeks.

David Angueira, the attorney for the Willoughbys, declined to reveal the terms of the settlement on Friday, but said his clients were satisfied with the outcome. “I feel they have been fairly compensated for the injuries they suffered in the crash. I think Cessna realized it would be in their best interests [to settle],” Mr. Angueira said.

“This is the end of a traumatic experience for them at the expense of Cessna. They have been struggling and fighting with Cessna for years.”

The Willoughbys, joined by the plane’s pilot, Alec Naiman, have been part of the Dukes County superior court trial that has unfolded over the last three weeks at the Edgartown town hall. On Friday, the trial continued, with Mr. Naiman now as the only plaintiff.

Mr. Naiman is arguing that faulty seat rails on the pilot’s seat caused the crash, while Cessna says the cause was pilot error.