The Menemsha Pond system and Chilmark Pond are now eligible to participate in the Massachusetts Estuaries Project after voters approved a Proposition 2 and a half override for the project at the annual town election on Wednesday.

The vote was 192 to 56 for the Menemsha ponds, and 179 to 69 for Chilmark Pond.

At the annual town meeting on Monday, voters overwhelmingly approved spending $14,792 for the Menemsha Pond system, which includes Menemsha, Squibnocket, Quitsa and Stonewall ponds, and $54,5000 to fund a similar study of Chilmark Pond. The votes were contingent on the passage of the ballot questions.

A total of 261 voters turned out to the polls, around 29 per cent of registered voters.

In other ballot questions, Chilmark voters voiced their disapproval of the proposed roundabout at the blinker light intersection in Oak Bluffs, with 65 people in favor of the traffic project and 180 against it.

A ballot question exempting the town from Proposition 2 and a half for borrowing costs associated with construction done on the West Tisbury School also passed 187 to 54.

Chilmark voters also elected a new selectmen Wednesday night. Bill Rossi was elected with 186 votes, and ran with no contest. Mr. Rossi succeeds longtime selectman Frank Fenner, who did not seek reelection after four terms. A late write-in campaign by Alan Porter earned him 54 votes.

Also elected with no contest were Leonard Jason, Jr., board of assessors, 207; Frank Yeomans, finance advisory committee, 178; Bruce Golden, finance advisory committee, 180; John Flender, cemetery commissioner, 223; Jane Slater, library trustee, 217; Janet Buhrman, board of health, 198; Keith Emin, tree warden, 226; Richard Osnoss, planning board, 193; Catherine Thompson, planning board, 193; Pamela Goff, land bank commission, 215; Marshall Carroll III, constable, 242 (top vote getter); Keith Emin, tree warden, 226.