It was all about sparkles at the high school junior prom Saturday: the sequins on prom gowns, the silver stars hanging in the Edgartown Yacht Club, the sun hitting the water in Edgartown Harbor, the excitement of the juniors as they gathered for their big night.


Students walked into Yacht Club wearing their tuxes and gowns—purple was a popular color, and sequins were abundant—past a crowd of parental paparazzi snapping pictures and squid fishermen on the pier.


“I’m so, so excited,” said junior Cece DeGregorio, who was among the first arrivals waiting to go into the club.


“All of our best friends are with us,” said Kendall Robinson, also a junior.


Cece and Kendall — wearing gowns of purple and gray, respectively — said they spent the day getting their hair, make-up and nails done. When it came to dresses, they had to go off-Island, like most off their classmates. “I knew it was the one,” Cece said.


Cece said she was looking excited to see all of her friends, while Kendall said she was looking forward to seeing everyone’s dresses. “Like that one!” she said as one caught her eye.


A stream of cars and large party buses came through the narrow parking lot by the Yacht Club, and some students shivered as the warm day started to get colder and windy.


Chris Maciel and Caitlin Nichols, outside waiting to go in, said they had been to the Grill on Main street. “I’m so excited,” Caitlin said, shivering a little bit in her black and gray dress. Chris said he was looking forward to dancing with friends.


Inside, students were met by star decorations and blue and silver balloons, part of the theme, “Starry Night.”


Students were also greeted by high school principal Stephen Nixon, looking dapper in a tuxedo with a white jacket.


“It’s great,” he said, seeing all the students dressed up. “They’re all excited.”


“We get to be a part of a lifelong memory for them.”


While prom-goers got (non-alcoholic) drinks from the bar at the Yacht club, some started to dance to “I’m Yours” by Jason Mraz. Music was provided by the Sultans of Swing. Groups of students sat at tables by the large windows, which provided a view of the Chappy ferry passing back and forth.


Later in the evening, Sam Oslyn was named prom king, and Julia Cooper prom queen. The prom court consisted of Cord Bailey, Bella Bennett, Clara Maynard and Gage Rancich.


Earlier, outside the Yacht Club, the group of parents reflected on their students’ big night. “It’s very exciting,” said Sue Costello, who watched her third son go to prom. “It’s just as exciting with the third.”


She said it was a treat watching the beautiful dresses go by. “I thought the dresses were really elegant,” she said.


Janet Hurley was there to take pictures of her son’s prom, a first for her. “It was very exciting — it’s so nice to be a part of it,” she said. “It’s a major event, a milestone.”