Friday, May 18: Sunny. Deep blue skies. Lilacs in bloom in Vineyard Haven. Bright red geraniums in window boxes in Edgartown. Lawnmowers sing duets in the afternoon. Lawns are lush. Grass cuttings color a sidewalk green.

Saturday, May 19: Light breeze in the morning. Early fishing boats bob up and down on the Middle Ground. Hot inland. Temperature in the shade rises to the high 60s. Cooler at the Bend in the Road Beach. Clear in the afternoon. A steady, brisk east wind at Ocean Park in Oak Bluffs. Ideal kite-flying breeze.

Sunday, May 20: Gray skies in the morning. Sunshine breaks through midmorning. A steady easterly breeze over the water. A lone sailboat crisscrosses Edgartown outer harbor.

Monday, May 21: Foggy morning. Clouds overhead. Clouds thicken. A long line of cars follows a school bus along the Edgartown-Vineyard Haven Road. Children scurry out of the bus under gray skies. The evening air smells of tropical rain, imminent.

Tuesday, May 22: Heavy rainshowers in the early morning. Temperature hovers around the high 50s all day. Rain ends in late morning. Large puddles in Vineyard Haven are colored yellow by pollen. Fog horns at night. A burst of sunshine in the late afternoon lights the landscape a warm color.

Wednesday, May 23: Dark and overcast. Light drizzle. Boats start showing up in Oak Bluffs and Edgartown harbors. Skies clear in the afternoon. Lunch at Menemsha; mealtime is shared along the dock. Skies clear in mid afternoon, but surrender in the late afternoon to a large wave of fog rolling in over the South Shore. Fog settles over the Vineyard again late.

Thursday, May 24: Vineyard Haven awakens to the sound of ferry horns. Thick fog covers the harbor, with limited visibility. Skies break in Vineyard Haven midmorning. Behind the broken low clouds, blue skies are overhead. Sunshine bursts briefly through late morning leaden skies.