What began a year ago as a community Web site dedicated to neighbors helping neighbors has ended with a lawsuit in a Texas district court.

Holiday Public Relations and Events, based in Houston, Tex., and run by Danielle Pendergraft of Edgartown and Texas, has sued Squire Rushnell and Louise DuArt of Edgartown, claiming they failed to pay her for work performed on their nonprofit Network of Neighbors Web site project. The lawsuit was filed in Harris County, Tex.; complaint was served this week on Ms. DuArt and Mr. Rushnell.

This marks the second time that Mrs. Pendergraft has sued an Edgartown nonprofit since moving to the Island from Texas in early 2011.

Ms. Pendergraft sued the Edgartown Library Foundation in federal court in December 2011 claiming copyright infringement in a dispute over the slogan “Frankly We Love the Library,” used to promote a Labor Day fundraiser and picnic with frankfurters. That case was later settled.

Court documents in the most recent lawsuit filed by Holiday show Ms. Pendergraft claims she is owed $43,073 for some 96 hours of work performed by her company. She is also asking for potential additional costs and attorneys’ fees.

In an e-mail to the Gazette yesterday, Mr. Rushnell called the lawsuit frivolous and he said Ms. Pendergraft has “retaliated against our little organization.”

He said the Network of Neighbors Web site is currently on hold. “But we have every expectation that we will be back on track soon,” he said.