Get the kids out of the room; here comes the four letter word I detest the most: TICK.

Island veterinarians tell me that ticks and fleas will be massing this summer because we had a mild winter. I have already taken several off my two dogs, even though I use their monthly medicines on them. Tell me, vets, can humans use Frontline and Advantage, too? I was relaxing on my back porch, reading this paper last Friday, when I felt something on my neck. Yup. And then, another one. I treated both areas with hydrogen peroxide and then took a complete shower, washing my hair and everything. Yet, it still makes you feel creepy all day. Remember to check your kids and pets when they come in from outdoors.

Americans continue to seek out the lowest common denominator. Apparently they can’t read signs. I was driving across the bridge. The sign says “bicyclists must dismount to cross bridge,” then points to the walking path on the other side. I think that sentence is just too difficult for average comprehension. Five cyclists continued on their bikes on the wrong side of the bridge and one lady fell, almost into my lane. Now, you can’t say it was someone who doesn’t speak English. I stopped the truck to help her and she called out in perfect English, “I’m okay.” Perhaps we need a picture sign showing what dismounting a bike means.

I spent all my money with one family last Thursday, the Gambinos. First, I went to Rosecuts salon and had the treat of Rose Gambino doing my hair. I have been with her for 33 years. Just as I was driving home, hungry, a spot opened on Main Street. Sure enough I parked and bought a fat, fresh, burrito from Seth Gambino’s new shop, La Choza. Now this is the last thing I’m going to tell you about Cheyenne and my adventure in the Old Country. In the land of mall to mall living Cheyenne had me stop at the many food courts. Twice in my life my son had me bring him to Taco Bells. I ended up with Montezuma’s Revenge every time. I’m a slow learner. Chey got a burrito from Taco Bell. Unfortunately, so did I, with the usual result. I am appealing to Seth to start a chain of La Chozas in the malls. Please.

Sundays at our library are over now for the season, but I must thank the library staff for the hard winter hours they put in for us. It is a much needed service.

Ten minutes can be a lifetime. My young friend Stephen Dunham returned home late last Saturday night and backed his car into his parking space. He entered his home and approximately 10 minutes later heard an explosion. The car was in flames, thank goodness no one was hurt. All our town fire trucks responded swiftly. When I happened by the next day you could still smell burned rubber and plastic in the vicinity of the car. I’m just so glad no one was injured.

Adoptions abound, and I am thrilled. My friend Pam Alley has just adopted a female pit bull mix from New York named London. The new baby is seven months old and 41 lbs. She joins her new older sister, Kaya, also a pit mix, who weighs 75 lbs. They are all getting along famously. I shall warn you that if I adopt any more pets you won’t read it in the column because my Mom reads the column and she has forbidden me to do so. Next week I’ll tell you about my two doggies’ excellent adventure on the beach.

Speaking of Iole Gardella, a.k.a. Nonna, she has been having a whirl of parties since her 95th birthday last Friday. She has been taken out to lunch or dinner every day since then, and there are plans for more outings. She’s having a grand time.

Our Legion Post 257 on Marvin Road is holding its annual Memorial Day services on Monday. Please help us put up the flags in the cemetery on the Avenue of Flags at 7:30 a.m. We would be so grateful if you return at 3 p.m. to help take them down. Our parade to the ceremony of the laying of wreaths in the cemetery steps off at 9:30 a.m. sharp from the legion. All are welcome back to the hall for refreshments after the ceremony. I’ll see you there.

And of course I’ll be at Town Picnic at the waterworks department from noon to 4 p.m.

Get well bouquets go to Mary Alice Jannace, who is having carpal tunnel surgery.

Welcome back to June Hutchinson and Jim and Trude Hart.

Anniversary wishes go out to CB Stark on May 28 for the opening of her first store on-Island.

Today the birthday bandwagon pulls along Becky Jewett, Amy Litchfield, Peter Scott, Celeste Ewing, Peter Campbell, Ruda Stone and Pamela Warrick. May 26 honors JoAnn Murphy, Chris Osborn, Melissa Fleming, Cathy Gallagher and Jay Leno. May 27 is a party for Shannon McAuliffe, Shawn Townes, and Esme Ruth Towles. May 28 shines on Christian Keoni King and Cheryl Stark. May 29 is claimed by Marina Kaufman. May 30 belongs to Noah Aidan Meyer Von Bremen, Maura Begley, and Olivia Gomez Blanco. And on May 31 Tamma Cimeno takes the cake. Many happy returns.