What follows is the list of awards given to Martha’s Vineyard Regional High School students at the annual Honors Night ceremony, held last night at the high school Performing Arts Center.

Departmental Awards: Faculty

Art: excellence in drawing & painting: Maya Harcourt; excellence in photography & graphics: Truda Silberstein; excellence in 3D design and architecture: Galen Mayhew; excellence in crafts and sculpture: John Tripp.

Athletics: sportsmanship award: Delmont Araujo, Margaret Johnson, and Shivonne Schofield; outstanding student-athlete in academics: Maya Harcourt and William Stewart; outstanding student-athlete in competition: Tyler Araujo and Madison Hughes.

Business: excellence in accounting: Luke McCracken; outstanding business students: Sean McAndrews and Michael Piland; outstanding entrepreneur: Maxwell Moreis; department award: Kunal Datta.

Computers: excellence in advanced applications and digital animation: Thorpe Karabees; excellence in advanced computer applications: Everett Monroe and Katherine Reid; excellence in computer applications I: Anne Ollen and August Welles; excellence in computer programming I: Toron Deluz and Patrick McCarthy; excellence in web design and architecture: Erik Faber and Brandon Segel.

English: excellence in English, grade 9: Lee Faraca, Lucy Hackney, Samantha Potter, and Grant Santos; excellence in English, grade 10: Galen Mayhew, Charlotte McCarron, and Isabel Smith; excellence in English, grade 11: Julia Cooper, Alayna Hutchinson, and Brendan Maseda; excellence in English, grade 12: Riley Donegan, Eva Faber and Celia Mercier.

John D. Morelli Award for excellence in English: EmmaJean Holley.

New England Scholastic Press Association Special Achievement Awards: Lily Bick, Warren Gowell, EmmaJean Holley and Everett Monroe.

Foreign Languages: excellence in French: Clara Maynard; excellence in German: Riley Donegan; excellence in Spanish: William Stewart.

Massachusetts Foreign Language Association Awards: award for leadership in Spanish: Diana DeOliveira and April Hargy; award for excellence in Spanish IV: Christine Janak; award for excellence in Spanish AP: Peter Keaney; award for excellence in French IV honors: Ian Tripp; award for excellence in German: Allison McAndrews.

History and Social Studies: U.S. History I: most improved: Andrew Wiley; most dedicated: Charlotte Potter; U.S. History II: consistent work of excellence: Jacqueline Menton; most dedicated: Patrick McCarthy; Global History I: consistent work of excellence: Tjark Aldeborgh; consistent work of excellence: Amy Fligor; Global History II: consistent work of excellence: Shivonne Schofield; most thoughtful: Tyler Araujo; AP modern European history: excellence in AP modern European history: Riley Donegan; AP U.S. history: excellence in AP U.S. history: Barra Peak; AP world history: excellence in AP world history: Clare Boland; special history award: outstanding history student all four years: Rafael Maciel.

Math: excellence in algebra I: Olivia Ogden; excellence in algebra II: Diego De Freitas; excellence in geometry: Sarah Parece; excellence in pre-calculus: Clara Maynard; excellence in honors math I: Timothy Roberts; excellence in honors math II: Barra Peak; excellence in honors math III: Julia Cooper; excellence in AP calculus: Cerina Gordon; excellence in AP statistics: William Stewart.

Performing Arts: excellence in performing groups: excellence in band: Frederick Hehre; excellence in chorus: Alyssa Laslovich; excellence in orchestra: Anna Yukevich; excellence in drama: excellence in acting: Haley Hewson and Jake Sudarsky; excellence in directing and stage management: Jake Sudarsky; technical excellence: Carl Gosselin; Prof. Novack’s Where The Heck Did That Come From Award: Christopher Pitt; department award: Kathryn Antonsson; department service award: Carl Gosselin.

Physical Education: outstanding achievement in physical education, grade 9: Noah Kleinhenz, Ethan Lefebvre, Anne Ollen and Katherine Reid; grade 10: Jessica Campbell, Galen Mayhew, George Sykes, and Sara Thompson; grade 11: Lily Bick, Eric Perzanowski, Ryan Sawyer and Madeline Webster; grade 12: Della Burke, Nelson Dickson, Celia Mercier, and William Stewart.

Science: excellence in biology: Timothy Roberts; excellence in AP biology: Eva Faber; excellence in chemistry: Alayna Hutchinson; excellence in AP chemistry: Michael Schroeder; excellence in earth science: Noah Kleinhenz; excellence in physics: Jack O’Malley; excellence in AP physics: William Stewart.

Vocational Department Awards: excellence in automotive: Ethan Himel; excellence in building trades: William Trapp; excellence in culinary arts: Timothy Rebello; excellence in early education and child care: Kara Steigelman; excellence in horticulture: Hunter Thomas; vocational student of the year: Maxwell Moreis.

National Honor Society Spring Inductees: seniors: Cerina Gordon, Alyssa Patterson, David Seidman; juniors: Paris Bermudes, Zackary Bernard, Annie Burton, Samantha Chaves, Michael Cutrer, Olivia de Geofroy, Michael deBettencourt, Katherine Donegan, Fionnuala Howell, Kyle Joba-Woodruff, Charlotte Lowell-Bettencourt, Ella Mahoney, Clara Maynard, Sheila McHugh, Megan Mendenhall, Paige Nitardy and Jack O’Malley.

National Merit Scholarship Letter of Recommendation: Cerina Gordon and Jesse Thomas.

Book Awards: Harvard College book club award: John Roberts; Smith College book award: Fionnuala Howell; Dartmouth College book award: Julia Cooper; St. Michael’s College book award: Brian Hurley and Clara Maynard; Mount Holyoke book award: Megan Mendenhall; Regis College book award: Katherine Stewart; Wellesley College book award: Amy Fligor; Wheaton College book award: Alayna Hutchinson; Wheelock College book award: Katharine Johnson.

Top 20 Seniors: William Stewart, Riley Donegan, Maya Harcourt, Celia Mercier, Eva Faber, EmmaJean Holley, Meghan McHugh, Allison McAndrews, Liam Wallace, Anna Yukevich, Shelby Ferry, April Hargy, Cerina Gordon, Korrine Altieri, Warren Gowell, Jesse Thomas, Christine Janak, Emma HallBilsback, Caitlin Serpa and Ambika Datta.

Class Essayist: Maya Harcourt.

Salutatorian: Riley Donegan.

Valedictorian: William Stewart.

President’s Award for Outstanding Academic Excellence: Alyssa Adler, Korrine Altieri, Ambika Datta, Kunal Datta, Allison McAndrews, Riley Donegan, Eva Faber, Shelby Ferry, Oliver Filley, William Fligor, Cerina Gordon, Warren Gowell, Emma Hall Bilsback, Maya Harcourt, April Hargy, EmmaJean Holley, Christine Janak, Meghan McHugh, Celia Mercier, Michael Montanile, Christopher Morris, Christopher Pitt, Caitlin Serpa, John Shannon, Truda Silberstein, Conor Smith, William Stewart, Jesse Thomas, Ian Tripp, Liam Wallace, Xiaoli Wen and Anna Yukevich.

President’s Award for Outstanding Academic Achievement: Tyler Araujo, Eva Balboni, Della Burke, Constance Chandler, Olivia Cimeno, Kelsey DeBettencourt, Diana DeOliviera, Calladine Fiore, Caroline Fournier, Kevin Galligan, Adahy Consalves, Rilla Hammett, Frederick Hehre, Haley Hewson, Madison Hughes, Margaret Johnson, Peter Keaney, Elizabeth Kelleher, Antone Lima, Rafael Maciel, Victoria McCormick, Maxwell Moreis, Courtney Mussell, Noelle Nelson, Alyssa Patterson, Natalie Poole, Andrew Randall, Jessica Santana, Shivonne Schofield, David Seidman, Jake Sudarsky, Amalie Tinus and Sarah Williston.

Citizenship Award: Alyssa Adler, Kyle Altieri, Delmont Araujo, Eva Balboni, Mia Benedetto, Joseph Burgoyne, Olivia Cimeno, Clara Corjulo, Kunal Datta, Jonathan Davenport, Nicholas Davies, Kelsey DeBettencourt, Diana DeOliveira, Riley Donegan, Khalid Dore, Celeste Ewing, Shelby Ferry, Oliver Filley, William Fligor, Elizabeth Francis, Adahy Gonsalves, Warren Gowell, Alexander Guest, Emma HallBilsback, Rilla Hammett, Maya Harcourt, April Hargy, Haley Hewson, Ethan Himel, EmmaJean Holley, Madison Hughes, Margaret Johnson, William Jurczyk-Villota, Elke Klein, Jordan Lane, Alyssa Laslovich, Antone Lima, Rafael Maciel, Allison McAndrews, Celia Mercier, Felicia Monaco, Michael Montanile, Maxwell Moreis, Christopher Morris, Courtney Mussell, Noelle Nelson, Robert Perry, Hannah Persson, Christopher Pitt, Natalie Poole, John Shannon, Truda Silberstein, Conor Smith, Kara Steigelman, William Stewart, Jules Stuber, Noah Stuber, Michael Sylvia, Ian Tripp, Jesse Thomas, Liam Wallace, Andrew Williamson and Anna Yukevich.

Consistent Achievement in Honor Roll Status for the First Three Quarters of the 2011-2012 Academic Year:

Seniors, high honors: Ambika Datta, Celeste Ewing, Eva Faber, William Fligor, Celia Mercier and William Stewart.

Seniors, honors: Alyssa Adler, Korrine Altieri, Tyler Araujo, Mia Benedetto, Della Burke, Clara Corjulo, Kunal Datta, Kelsey DeBettencourt, Diana DeOliveira, Riley Donegan, Shelby Ferry, Caroline Fournier, Adahy Gonsalves, Cerina Gordon, Warren Gowell , Emma HallBilsback, Maya Harcourt, Christine Janak, William Jurczyk-Villota, Elke Klein, Jordan Lane, Antone Lima, Allison McAndrews, Victoria McCormick, Meghan McHugh, Maxwell Moreis, Christopher Morris, Robert Perry, Natalie Poole, David Seidman, Caitlin Serpa, John Shannon, Conor Smith, Jesse Thomas, Liam Wallace and Anna Yukevich.

Juniors, high honors: Clare Boland, Julia Cooper, Amy Fligor, Charlotte Hall, Alayna Hutchinson, Clara Maynard, Samuel Oslyn and John Roberts.

Juniors, honors: Kathryn Antonsson, Lily Bick, Dylan Brockmeyer, Kevin Burchill, Annie Burton, Michael Cutrer, Nicholas Costello, Olivia de Geofroy, Michael deBettencourt, Katherine Donegan, Lauren Dostal, Skylah Forend, Alice Greene, Andrew Hakala, Stuart Hersh, Fionnuala Howell, Brian Hurley, Dana Jacobs, Kyle Joba-Woodruff, Katharine Johnson, Jackson Koorse, Jennie Lindland, Charlotte Lowell-Bettencourt, Brendan Maseda, Sean McAndrews, Patrick McDonough, Taylor McNeely, Megan Mendenhall, Hannah Moore, Jack O’Malley, Michael Piland, Ashleigh Plante, Taylor Poggi, Mateus Ribeiro, Ryan Sawyer, Michael Schroeder, Tyler Shapiro, Justin Smith, Katherine Smith, Katherine Stewart, Madeline Webster and Kylee Willoughby.

Sophomores, high honors: Galen Mayhew, Charlotte McCarron, Emily Medeiros, Lucy Norris, Mary Ollen, Sarah Ortlip-Sommers, Barra Peak, Sam Permar, Isabel Smith, Jacquelyn Swan, Sara Thompson and Mikayla Tinus.

Sophomores, honors: Igor Avansini, Teo Azzollini, Samantha Bunker, Jessica Campbell, Mariah Campbell, Niccolas Cardoza, Bradley Carroll, Liam Craffey, Katherine deBettencourt, Toron Deluz, Samuel Entner, Rae Filley, Nathaniel Horwitz, Thorpe Karabees, Sawyer Klebs, Avery Lazes, Matthew Marchand, Patrick McCarthy, Jacqueline Menton, Sarah Parece, Clifton Robinson, Isabela Santiago, Christopher Serpa, Joseph Turney, Molly Wallace and Alexis Willett.

Freshmen, high honors: Lee Faraca, Henry Gallagher, Lucy Hackney, Noah Kleinhenz, Gordon Moore, Madeleine Moore, Charles Parkhurst, Jacob Pertile, Charlotte Potter, Samantha Potter, Ellen Reagan, Katherine Reid, Timothy Roberts, Peter Ruimerman, Grant Santos, Russell Shapiro and Galya Walt.

Freshmen, honors: Kezia Alvares, Mia Arenburg, Aubrey Ashmun, Megan Bischoff, Bailey Csapo-Moreis, Caila Drew-Morin, Gavin Fynbo, Yannick Gonsalves, Eli Hanschka, Erin Hickey, Megan Hurley, Josie Iadicicco, Elie Jordi, Emily Kleinhenz, Shannon O’Connor, Olivia Ogden, Anne Ollen, Sabrina Reppert, Andrew Ruimerman, Karl Rasmus Sayre, Liam Smith, Ashlyn Tattersall, Aaron Teves and Susanna Van Rooyen.