Adult and Community Education's One-day University on arts, culture, and sustainability takes place Saturday, June 23.

The event runs from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. and features selections from 13 workshops, 8 roundtable discussions and over 20 exhibits that explore creative ways to enhance sustainable living.
Workshops presenters include The Yes Men on social justice actions, Barney Brawer on becoming a change agent, World Savvy on sustainable communities, and Islanders such as John Abrams addressing business in a new economy, Jon Previant of the Farm Institute, and David White of the Yard.
A lunch of local foods prepared by Kitchen Porch include table discussions led by Biodiversity Works, MV Shell Recovery Group, Health Education Collaborative, Island Grown Schools, MV Film Festival, The Farm Project, Raging Indifference, and the folks at the Pit Stop.
The day begins with Island-born storyteller, Susan Klein, and ends with Joseph Sebarenzi, the former President of the Rwandan Parliament whose family perished in the genocide of 1994. Psychologist and educator Robert Leaver facilitates the day’s activities, and continuing conversations.
Optional graduate and undergraduate college credit is available through Fitchburg State University.
Visit for more details or to download a brochure or call 774-310-1131.