The Old South Road Association will once again host the annual Aquinnah Fourth of July parade. As always, it is a wonderful time for the children of Aquinnah to show their patriotism. Following the parade, treasures will be found on the scavenger hunt. Join in the fun—will see you there on Wednesday morning.

Congratulations to Captain Hugh and Jeanne Taylor and their family at the Outermost Inn for winning the Best of the Vineyard Award from the Martha’s Vineyard Magazine for best romantic getaway. Congratulations to Captain Buddy Vanderhoop, who was a runner-up in the fishing charter boat category. Congratulations to Martha’s Vineyard Community Services for their Possible Dreams Auction award in the Best Charity Event category. There will be many great treasures for bid at the auction on August 6.

Thank you to Jay Smalley, who has been busy keeping the highways and byways mown and clear. At least the deer are enjoying the fresh supply of hay along the way. The state was rather late this year in mowing along the State Road but still a welcome site. The lighthouse at Aquinnah Circle is open during the day for tours and the Aquinnah Cultural Center has opened for the season with its summer schedule.

Sue Battiste arrived from her home in Cape Breton, Canada, on Monday to spend a few days with Carl Widdiss and Pam Glavin. Sue will head to Boston for the weekend to attend a wedding.

Lisa Bibko-Vanderhoop and her niece, Ella Madison Mahoney, will have an art show at Sovereign Bank at Beetlebung Corner that will run from June 29 through July 6 during banking hours. They are both award winning artists, and their work is now in great demand. Lisa will have a display of her recent cards and calendars while Ella will have her photography.

Condolences to the family and friends of Evelyn Cohen, who died this week. She enjoyed spending the past few years as a year-round resident of Aquinnah.

Albert and Linda Fischer and their daughter Molly recently entertained a few of Molly’s friends. Tracy Rivas, Kara Loveland, Jess Worthman, Meagan Stickle, Siobhan Sullivan and Raquel Lividini—all good friends and schoolmates of Molly’s at Ithaca College. Needless to say, they all had a wonderful time in Aquinnah.

Mark Harding and wife Paula Peters enjoyed hosting her mother, Shirley Jourdain Peters, and aunt Amelia Peters Bingham while they were here to attend the services for Gladys Widdiss.

Marjorie Hockmuth is enjoying a visit from her grand-daughter this week.

Betty Joslow also is enjoying a visit from her daughter, Wendy, who will be here throughout the week from her home in New Hampshire.

All the best to Marissa Lynn Kaeka and Nicholas Alexander Lopenzo—their marriage will take place this weekend.

Wenonah Madison recently attended her 20th reunion at St. Mark’s School in Southboro. She had a grand weekend visiting with former classmates.

Noah Mayrand has arrived home for a brief visit with his parents Carol and Mike. Noah has been residing in San Francisco this year and has been working as a chef while continuing with his interests in art as well. He has found the city to be very exciting, with many Vineyard connections and a friendly and supportive community. Sonya Mayrand is in Vail, Colorado working as a massage therapist and in the company of Dawn MacMullen of Tisbury. Alyssa Mayrand is in Florida continuing her education to become a teacher.

Condolences to the family and friends of Deborah Jaffe Yeomans, who died on June 19. Mrs, Yeomans was the mother of Steve Yeomans of Aquinnah. Over the past several months, Mrs. Yeomans had been cared for by Lauri Bradway, who shared many memorable moments.

Arnold and Norma Zack are enjoying having their daughter Rachel and son-in-law Charlie visiting this week with their grandson Akeakamai Zack Ishikowa and grand-daughter Kealakai Rose Ishikowa. Also visiting the Zack family is Charlie’s mother, Sally Ishikowa, who has come from Hawaii with their cousin Savannah, making her first trip across the country. Norma and Arnold will be at their Aquinnah home into September, except for a three-day sitting of the Administrative Tribunal of the Asian Development Bank in Manila August 13 to 15. Arnold is the President of the Tribunal and entering the last year of his nine year term as judge.

Happy Birthday wishes to Kenneth Ivory as he celebrates a major milestone on July 1—which does not seem possible, but then again, he has worked at the Martha’s Vineyard Hospital for the past 36 years, so it must be so !

Elaine Diotima Vogel Vanderhoop will party on July 1. Albert Hutchinson parties on July 2. Happy sixth birthday to Robbie Manning on July 3 as he shares the day with Deborah DeBettencourt Ratcliff and Marissa Kaeka Lopenzo.

Special birthday wishes to Robert Hughes of Pinkletink Way, who will be ninety-eight on July 4. Also celebrating on July 4 will be Marianne Thomas, Michael Norkus, Celeste Glavin, Mae Alice Baird, and Jane Anderson.

Marcia Vanderhoop will party on July 5. A very special birthday wish to Wiet Bacheller as she celebrates a major milestone on July 6. Jody Mendez and Sheryl Scott will also celebrate on July 6.