Neighbors to a large house that is now nearly built on Nashaquitsa Pond in Chilmark have asked the town zoning board of appeals to enforce what they claim are zoning violations on the property.

The 8,200-square-foot house being built by Adam Zoia on the former Harrison property has been the subject of widespread discussion in Chilmark during the last year, including at the town planning board over whether more rules need to be developed to regulate very large houses in town.

Early last month an attorney for Kenneth and Jill Iscol, who are abutters to the Zoia property, filed an appeal with the town zoning board requesting enforcement. The formal appeal follows an April 20 letter to the town building inspector from the attorney that saw no reply. The claimed violations include a detached bedroom the Iscols say is larger than allowed without a special permit, a barrier wall they say fails to meet the setback rules, and outdoor lighting they say meets the definition of “light trespass” by spilling onto their property.

“Construction on the Zoia property has continued and the zoning violations complained of in my letter . . . have not been addressed,” Diane Tillotson, an attorney with Hemenway & Barnes in Boston, wrote in the June 6 letter to the zoning board. “We believe that these violations should be immediately addressed by the zoning board of appeals.”

A public hearing on the appeal is scheduled for July 25.

The Chilmark selectmen were notified of the matter at their regular meeting this week. Building inspector Leonard Jason Jr. attended the meeting and said the house is nearing completion. He said Mr. Zoia has not applied for a certificate of occupancy, but “they’re getting pretty close.”