A member of the Moth’s general council recently checked in with the Gazette. She had a story to tell. But it wasn’t just any story. It was THE story. The Moth is coming to the Vineyard.

For those still basking in their chrysalis and unaware of the Moth, it is a storytelling series birthed about a decade ago in the bars of the lower East Side in New York city. True stories told live is their mantra, and now the Moth flies freely in many cities and on NPR as the Moth Radio Hour.

But the Moth has never been to the Vineyard before. This will all change on August 13 when the Moth plays Union Chapel, 55 Narragansett avenue in Oak Bluffs.

Some might argue that stories are our most human trait. Babies listen in the womb and then tell their own tales upon arrival, with their eyes and coos. Kids tell their stories over and over and over and over again - just one more time, please. And adults keep the words rolling, even when they think they have somehow aged and forgotten the magic of a tale well told. All those porches, backyard cocktail parties, not to mention books and magazines. The world is full of stories. Turn an ear to the wind, listen hard, and be coldcocked by this simple truth — live storytelling gave liftoff to the primordial ooze.

The Moth understands this. This is not a reading, nor a simple set of sentences affixed to the page. These are stories that leap up and scamper about the room. The performers study their craft, hone their work—buffing, shining and memorizing their tales — and then let loose like the best of underground theatre.

Twelve lucky souls get to discover the secrets.

The day after the show, there will be a four-day workshop on storytelling, from August 14 to 18, 9:30 a.m. to noon each day at the Stone Farm in North Tisbury. The cost for the workshop is $550 and, when purchased in advance, includes a ticket to the August 13 show.

Who knows, it might also lead to a starring role in next year’s performance.

For information or to sign up, visit stonefarmworkshop.com.

For more details on Moth and tickets to the show, visit themoth.org.

Happy tales.