Friday, July 20: Mild temperature but muggy. Large field in Chilmark is brown from lack of rain. Grass crunches underfoot. Poison ivy leaves glisten in the afternoon sunshine. Partly sunny skies. Temperature in the high 70s.

Saturday, July 21: Breezy. Partly sunny morning. Bend in the Road Beach is a popular spot in late morning. Swimmers in the water. Jumpers on the Big Bridge. There is the smell of suntan lotion on the beach. Oak Bluffs harbor is lit up at night by all kinds of lights: street lights, boat lights and flashlights.

Sunday, July 22: Light breeze in the morning, under deep blue skies. A sailboat passes off The Gut, near Chappaquiddick. Powerboats join with the passenger Pied Piper and leave the harbor. A thin crescent moon hangs close to the horizon after sunset. Clouds roll in.

Monday, July 23: A strong westerly breeze. Hot Dog Day in July. Hazy late afternoon. Steamship Authority ferry leaves Oak Bluffs wharf after sunset. The tower a top the Tabernacle stands tall over the Oak Bluffs skyline. Windy night. Gusts to 20 m.p.h. on the water.

Tuesday, July 24: Thunderstorm in the morning. Heavy rain at 6 a.m. down-Island. A total of .8 inches of rain falls in Edgartown in the span of 20 minutes. No rain in Aquinnah. Skies clear. Hot and humid. Temperature in the 80s in the shade. Thunderstorm in the early evening. Lights out in Vineyard Haven for a while. Vivid lightning at night with origins from storms afar. Moon sets in the west. Occasional thunder.

Wednesday, July 25: Cool morning. Tomato plants in Chilmark are lush and dark green. Young green tomatoes hang heavy. Cotton candy clouds drift quickly overhead. Deep blue sky. Low humidity. A forest of aluminum masts, big and small, line Edgartown harbor in the afternoon. Excellent visibility across Nantucket Sound.

Thursday, July 26: Partly sunny skies are forecasted. Chance of a shower throughout the afternoon. Maybe a thunderstorm.