Kelleher Real Estate announces five openings in a new referral program created to enable young adults over 18 to become referral agents for their business.

Any leads for either buyers or sellers that lead to a sale will result in a fee for the referral agents, according to a news release issued by Kelleher.

Referral agents do not handle any aspect of a sales transaction other than providing the principal with a name of someone that has asked to be contacted.

To participate, a candidate must first secure a sales license and then pass the state test. Course requirements include 40 hours of class time and the ability to pass the state licensing exam. The courses are held on-Island with the next one coming up in October. To take the test, the closest exam facility is just in Dartmouth. The total cost of the program for the class, test and licensing is approximately $600, which Kelleher Real Estate will reimburse to successful candidates.

To learn more about the program, contact Jean Kelleher at 508-693-8000 or e-mail her at