Friday, July 27: Partly sunny in the morning. Cloudy late morning. Edgartown inner harbor is a forest of masts and big sailboats. Outboard powered dinghies crisscross the harbor like ducks on a pond.

Saturday, July 28: Still morning before sunrise. Seventy-four sailboats begin a race around the Island in a light breeze. Breeze picks up in the afternoon. Mostly overcast. Canada geese in chevron flight over the West Tisbury cemetery. Late-night shower arrives with a dramatic thunderstorm. One inch of rain falls in 30 minutes. Total rainfall is 1.96 inches at the National Weather Service Cooperative Station. Cars move slowly through flooded Five Corners.

Sunday, July 29: Mostly overcast. Periods of brief sunshine. Ocean Park lawn is lush. Flowers in bloom. Tiger lilies, daylilies and marigold flowers are in bloom.

Monday, July 30: Significant change in the air. Bright blue sky and brilliant sunshine return, reminiscent of autumn. Dry Canadian cool breeze on the water. Morning warms up to the 70s. Swimmers are reluctant to leave the beach. Moon hangs high in the southwest. The air is still.

Tuesday, July 31: Overcast morning. Spots of sunshine. The maritime air is heavy and fragrant. Drizzle in mid-afternoon. Heavy rain arrives at 4:30 p.m., continues until midnight.

Wednesday, August 1: Humid and partly sunny. The Vineyard dries out from the second big rain shower in four days. Cumulus clouds drift slowly. Beach towels and colorful sheets are back on the clothes line in an Oak Bluffs backyard. Light southerly breeze.

Thursday, August 2: Slight chance of fog in the morning forecasted. Otherwise clear skies and a southwesterly breeze, a gateway for a fair weekend weather.