Friday, August 3: Mostly sunny. Oak Bluffs harbor is bustling with visitors on the promenade and boats in the water, in the afternoon. Youngsters carry ice cream cones. A steady stream of visitors move slowly off the passenger ferry Island Queen, under a hot, late-afternoon sun. A steady, unwavering southwest breeze in the afternoon cools the landscape, and fills sails offshore.

Saturday, August 4: Southwest wind starts out strong in the morning. Hot. Deep blue skies overhead. Breeze lightens only slightly. Crows have a verbal dispute in downtown Vineyard Haven, aloft in the trees overlooking Veterans Memorial Park.

Sunday, August 5: Fog early. A still morning. Blue heron flies near the shoreline, almost touching the water. An osprey follows. A passing shower in the morning. Heavy rain lasts only a few minutes. Clouds lift. Wind from the southwest rises to 20 m.p.h. High surf. Sun breaks through in the afternoon. Nantucket Sound sparkles in the late afternoon sunshine. High, rolling seas.

Monday, August 6: Sunny. Hot. Temperature rises to the high 80s in the shade. Parking is at a premium at the Joseph A. Sylvia State Beach.

Tuesday, August 7: Sunny. The last of the schooners returns to Vineyard Haven harbor in the late afternoon, in time for a spectacular sunset. High-altitude clouds spun into streaks by wind, color the evening.

Wednesday, August 8: Mostly cloudy in the morning. Sun breaks in the afternoon. Moist maritime air rolls in. Hazy sunshine in the afternoon. A large crowd poses for family portrait in front of the Edgartown Lighthouse. Sailboat Magic Carpet leaves the harbor for a sunset cruise.

Thursday, August 9: Hazy muggy morning in Edgartown Harbor. Powerboats rush out of the harbor in the morning, making motor music. Clouds increase. Light south breeze.