Even though the humidity is still around, we have had a few nice days with a nice breeze. The moon has been at its fullest and we can expect another one at the end of the month. Plus the Perseid meteor showers are this weekend. We just hope the sky is clear so we can see some great meteors.

Happy birthday to all who celebrated their day this past week. Big balloons go out to Paige Herrick, who celebrated on August 5, Branden Hammond, August 9 and Adeline Riley, Austin Smith and Bryan Sornas, who all celebrate their day today, August 10.

Special birthday wishes go out to daddy-to-be Derek Avakian, who celebrated his day on August 3, and to Pam Dolby and Floyd Norton, who celebrated on August 5.

Nene is going to attend the high school for the first six weeks, so on Wednesday I took her up to get her registered and all the legal things that needed to be done. After that I asked if she wanted to walk around to look. We were walking and I realized that where some of my classes used to be are now offices or closets. The old gym is a library; my old homeroom is now the exit to the corridor to the culinary arts area and so on. Then as we were talking, it really came to me that my class is celebrating its 40th-year reunion. Now, that doesn’t happen, does it? Wasn’t it yesterday I was laughing at the picture of my parents’ friends celebrating that reunion?

Hospice of Martha’s Vineyard is hosting its Summer Soiree on Tuesday, August 14, at Farm Neck. New and exciting changes promise to increase the fun this summer as we raise money for patient care in the upcoming year. A new menu by Jaime Hamlin and new auction items, including a beautiful, hand-painted cupboard by noted Island artist Linda Carnegie are among the highlights. For more information or to purchase tickets, visit the Hospice of Martha’s Vineyard website at hospiceofmv.org or call 508-693-0189.

This is the time of the summer when we start saying goodbye to the college students. We lose two this week. Ben, who has worked with us for three summers, is leaving to go to Peru, where he will surf with his dad for two weeks; then his wife, Claudia, will join him as he starts his internship for the semester. Then Paige, who has been with us just this summer, leaves to go back to Penn State. I don’t like it, as I get too attached to these kids and it is always hard to say goodbye. But hopefully they will be back again next year.

This is a short week for news. I hope you will call or e-mail me next week with some news. Some people say, “Oh, you don’t want to print that,” then are thrilled when I do. So don’t be shy, give me a call.

Have a great week and keep the home candles burning.