The weekend weather was just beastly hot here; we saw television pictures of storm destruction elsewhere in the commonwealth. The beaches were pleasantly full on Sunday, many cookouts were held over the weekend. The school, firehouse and town playground were busy. Next week brings Illumination night on Wednesday, the 151st annual Agricultural Fair begins next Thursday and the Oak Bluffs fireworks on Friday, so activity will pick up in this town.

Some college students have just begun to leave, as many universities open before the end of the month. In just two weeks, a significant amount of summer traffic and visitors will begin to head in the other direction as the summer season slowly begins winding down for another year. Tomorrow and Sunday the state sales tax holidays will be in effect on many products. So now is the chance to save some money on back-to-school items and other household necessities.

The farmers’ market will be hosting the third annual seafood throwdown, starting at 9:30 a.m. tomorrow with two local chefs, Jo Maxwell of Chesca’s and Teddy Diggs, a vendor at the market. This event will bring awareness to our fishing industry and is being sponsored by the Northwest Atlantic Marine Alliance.

Ed and Jane Knick of Webster will be arriving next Thursday to attend the fair and visit with friends. Ed reports that Jane plans to enter the skillet contest.

Larry and Judy Schubert of South Vine returned home last week after a trip to Maine, where they visited friends and Larry got to do a little woodwork in his spare time.

Connie Koch, of Washington, D.C., arrived yesterday to spend the remainder of the summer at her Edgartown Road home. She usually gets to the Vineyard earlier but nonetheless she is happy to be here. She will be busy preparing for family visits.

Give attention, kind friends, and harken good neighbors,

And for a brief time abstain from your labors,

For our fair is approaching and whatever your vocation

We entreat your heartiest cooperation. . . .

Come one and come all, builders, tradesmen and teachers,

Come mechanics, lawyers, printers and preachers,

And to each and all, just a moment to wait

At the little office that’s near the gate.

A Call to the Fair

— Vineyard Gazette

September 4, 1894.

The fair runs from next Thursday until Sunday evening. Eleanor Neubert, fair manager, reminds each exhibitor that all forms must be submitted by Monday at 5 p.m. and delivered to the hall by Wednesday between noon and 5 p.m. She also reports that LOC amusements and Marian Cushing will return as they have for over 30 years. A complete schedule of events is published in the fair booklet. The new book, Bountiful, a history of the livestock show and fair, will be available to purchase. You can also follow the fair on Facebook.

The Vineyard Transit Authority will extend bus service to include the fair on Routes 2, 4, and 6. The 8 bus will run express service from Edgartown to the fair. As an added bonus for riding the bus this year, the agricultural society will offer a $1 discount on the purchase of an admission ticket. Be sure and have your hand stamped before exiting the bus to qualify for the discount. A complete bus schedule will be posted on the front porch of the hall. The bus service will run hourly from 8:30 a.m. to 11 p.m. On Sunday the last bus is at 8 p.m. If you choose to bring your automobile there will be two parking lots available, one operated by the firemen and the society and the other by the Whiting family.

Alex Karman was here at his parents’ house last weekend. He brought along with him as his guests John Jones, his wife, Delia, and their son, Cameron, of Milford, Conn.; also, Taya and Andrew Rabinowitz. Alex said they enjoyed shopping in Edgartown, visiting Menemsha and a 25-mile bike ride. He plans to return tonight with his folks, Jill Carlton and Pete.

John and Goldie Siffert of New York city and Edgartown Road arrived last week for the month at their home, named God’s Pocket.

Carl and Martha Tack of Williamsburg, Va., returned to their Waldron’s Bottom home. Carl has been working in Dubai for the past two years and has adjusted to the hot weather. They expect visits from the family in the next few weeks.

Ina Andre of Old County Road reports that her son, Nicolas, will return home next week from a trip to Germany and the Baltic Sea. He visited his grandparents, Sabrina and Manfred Bittner, at their home. He got a chance to play soccer and enjoyed swimming and feeding the chickens.

Loraine Eldridge of Oak Lane is once again holding a reunion of her sisters and significant others this weekend. Marsha will make the long trek up from Oak Bluffs, Barbara will come over from Falmouth, Louise from New Hampshire and Peggy Stockman from Newton. Loraine reports they will all go to the beach, shop and have a swell time.

Deb and Jack Gray and their children, Nick, Huston, Jackson and Elsa of Washington, D.C., and Watcha Pond, have arrived to spend the next few weeks. The children are busy playing basketball and going to Featherstone camp.

Allen and Andrea Rabinowitz of Dancing Hill are here for the summer. Their house guests are Andrea Eisler of Washington, D.C., and Betty Nathan of Kennet Square, Pa. Allen reports that this is their first visit to the Vineyard in at least 40 years.

Denise Mount and her husband, Don Evon, of Canton, Conn., arrived yesterday for their yearly visit with us. Denise attended an Adam Lambert concert in London and stayed to take in some of the Olympic games.

Sandra Caruso of Los Angeles returned home this afternoon after a two-week visit with her brother, Tim, and sister in law Eileen Maley and Joan Jenkinson. She thoroughly enjoyed her stay and her visits with old friends.

Dr. Caroline Fyler and her husband, Matt Taylor, and children Weston and Story have been in town this week. Matt came as he is part of the weeklong JawsFest event. He wrote a book about Jaws that was published last year. His wife is representing Paul McPhee. They look forward to returning as full-time residents next month.

Marian Irving of Old County Road reports that the fourth annual peach festival at the West Tisbury Congregational Church will be held tomorrow from noon to 4 p.m. The offerings will include homemade peach ice cream, fresh peach shortcake with whipped or ice cream, peach smoothies and a luscious iced tea. Fresh peaches will also be available for sale, and church members welcome everyone to join them under the trees for a refreshing summer treat! Proceeds will benefit the preservation of the historic church, located in the center of town.

Town clerk Tara Whiting reminds all potential voters in the state primary on Sept. 6 that the last day to register to vote is Wednesday August 17. If you are unsure of your political designation, please feel free to contact her in the town clerk’s office at 508-696-0148 from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Jeanne Staples asks that you join her Sunday for the opening reception of her show at the Granary gallery from 5 to 7 p.m. All her latest work will be on view, along with complimentary cocktails.

Steve Lohman of Waldron’s Bottom Road will hold an open studio today from 4 to 7 p.m. Steve is famous for his steel sculptures; his wife, Jenifer Strachan, is known for her superb mosaics. Steve is a partner in the Sonoma Valley winery, and it is my guess that a fine selection of Orpheus wines will be available to sample or purchase.

Jennifer Tseng over at the library reports that Dorie Lawson will be reading for story time on Thursday at 10:30 a.m. The Friends of the West Tisbury library will be having their annual meeting on Wednesday at 4 p.m.; they will be giving their annual report. On Monday at 6 p.m. the library will be hosting a DVD release party and Hunger Game-athon movie night. Also on Monday at 5 p.m. Dr. Darrell Pone will talk about his book, We’ve Come This Far by Faith and tell his story.

Every third Wednesday of the month at 6 p.m. the library will host the Martha’s Vineyard Breast Cancer Support Group. Please join the group for casual conversation and informal exchange of information with other breast cancer survivors.

Sunday marks the 77th anniversary of the Social Security Act signed into law by President Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Happy birthday to: Matthew Bradley, Henry Kirwin and James Prichard today; Rosemary Van Nes, Linda Carroll, Diana Waring and J.C. Murphy tomorrow; Amelia Smith, Eric Turkington, and Sam Stevenson on Sunday; Peter Rodegast, Mariah Peebles, Leslie Sterns, Goodie Stiller, Roberta Mendlovitz, Vickie Crowley and Andrew Salzman on Monday; Sarah Catchpole, Mark Hutker, Bea Whiting and Aaron Myatt on Tuesday; Billy Hoff and William Roan on Wednesday; Nick Van Nes, Joyce Spooner, Katherine Long and Peter Halaka on Thursday. Belated birthday greetings to Maureen Healy and her grandson Everett. A happy 25th wedding anniversary to Rosemary and Nick Van Nes today. Belated anniversary greetings to Kristi and Barry Zonfrelli, Marni O’Brien and Charley Hoffshire and Richard and Martha Doane.

Well, that all of the social news for this edition. If you have news you wish to share call or e-mail me. Remember the old saying, “All roads lead to the fair.” I hope to see you there.