The work gloves were destined for Pimpneymouse Farm, the truffle butter for the home of a well-known cookbook author whose specialty is grilling. But those and a lot of other items delivered to Chappaquiddick in packages via UPS never made it to their final destinations because they were allegedly intercepted by a person who has since been arrested and charged with theft.

Keon Ebron, 22, of Mattapan, was arraigned August 13 on 11 charges of larceny less than $250 and one charge of larceny from a building in Edgartown for allegedly stealing items from the Chappy Store UPS drop-off area.

According to the police report filed in court, the incidents allegedly took place around August 10, with the items taken from an unlocked area where residents can pick up delivered packages. The owner of the store allegedly found one of the packages opened and empty, and then found a bird book that someone had been waiting for in a trash bin. Later, eight packages were found in the trash, police said.

Items allegedly taken included a solar observer radio, truffle and grilling butter, six pairs of work gloves, glasses/contacts, a puzzle, a poster, books and a doorbell.

Mr. Ebron was also arraigned on August 9 charges in Oak Bluffs of breaking and entering a vehicle/boat in the nighttime for felony and receiving stolen property worth more than $250.

The charges stem from allegedly taking a purse with wallet, beach bag, house key, and other items from a car parked on Sea View avenue in Oak Bluffs.

Bail was set at $1,000 and a pretrial hearing for the charges has been scheduled for August 20.