I recently sat down with Liz Durkee, the Oak Bluffs town conservation agent, for an update on environmental concerns that relate to East Chop. She mentioned two of immediate interest.

Liz is currently working to update the Oak Bluffs Open Space and Recreation Plan. Once the plan is completed and approved by the state, the town can apply for grant money from several funding sources. A major goal of the updated plan will be to protect our beaches and ponds from the effects of climate change, especially as it relates to sea level rise, erosion and flooding from stronger storms. Public input is encouraged. If you have suggestions regarding the preservation of our beaches, wet lands and ponds or for improving town recreational facilities, e-mail Liz at edurkee@oakbluffsma.gov.

Liz also reported that the town and the East Chop Association are working closely together to solve the bluff erosion problem. A preferred solution has been identified. It involves an armoring approach, which will lessen the slope of the bluff to prevent mud slides resulting from heavy rains. A concrete slab will be constructed for the bottom half of the Bluff to provide stability. An engineering study to implement this solution is expected to be completed in early November.

The preliminary estimate on the cost of this solution is between $10 million and $12 million. Liz assured me that the town and the East Chop Association will continue to work together to find the money. I applaud the leadership Liz has provided on this effort, as well as the many hours Craig Dripps, president of the East Chop Association, has spent on this issue over several years.

Last month I reported on Nick Sanford, grandson of Mimi and George Sanford, and the starting second baseman for the Martha’s Vineyard Sharks. Nick batted .335 this season, the highest batting average on the team. According to his grandfather, he had a great time playing for the Sharks and loved returning to East Chop for the summer. Nick hopes to be back with the Sharks next season. His return will certainly entice me to a game or two.

It was the last hurrah at the Tennis Club for the 2012 season. Thirty-two members participated in the popular Davis Cup event. Organized by Nancy Goldthwait and Lyn Herrick, the four teams of U.S.A., Italy, Germany and Great Britain began dueling at 8 a.m. last Saturday. Led by captain Peter Meleney, the Italian team of Jim Guest, Jock Brooks, Arthur Herbst, Chrissy Williamson, Cyndee Dennehy, Bess Stone and Erin Matias took the gold medal. It was a fun day had by all.

Speaking of winners, I called Al Woolacott the other day to congratulate him on defeating Peter Puchner to win the first flight of the August tournament at the Edgartown Golf Club. Al commented that he was consistent, for a change, and that Peter played with his usual grace and style. “He’s a real gentleman on the golf course.” It is not surprising that Peter made it to the finals. He won the prize for the most improved male player this season. Betsy Puchner was the most improved woman player. Congratulations to these three special people.