Enjoy the crisp August weather outdoors or stay indoors and visit one of the many art galleries on the Island? Thanks to Vineyard Gardens’ Gallery in the Garden events, held each Friday evening in August, the decision became a simple one: do both.

John Alaimo Michael Tinus
John Alaimo and Michael Tinus provide a jazzy soundtrack. — Ivy Ashe

Last Friday, 12 Island artists—painters, potters, jewelers and photographers — set up spaces amongst the greenhouses and blooming flowerbeds of the nursery. Tables normally used as a home for potted plants were flipped on end to become a perfect canvas for hanging artwork; canvases depicting ocean scenes and abstract settings seemed surprisingly at home nestled next to green leaves and vibrant blooms.

Local musicians John Alaimo and Michael Tinus provided a jazzy soundtrack for the evening, as visitors perused the al fresco gallery and enjoyed hors d’oeuvres.

Owners Chuck and Chris Wiley came up with the idea earlier this summer, sending out a call for artists at the end of June.

“We thought three or four [artists] would be good,” Mrs. Wiley said. “We’ve had between nine and 12 every week.”

Karen Blackerby worked as the event’s art director, since, as Mrs. Wiley said, her own expertise was more in the area of plants, not arts.

“It was a good combination,” she said.

The final Gallery in the Garden takes place this Friday at 5 p.m. in Vineyard Gardens.