An untitled Larry David film for HBO will be filming on-Island this weekend.

Location manager Mark Fitzgerald appeared before the Edgartown and Chilmark selectmen this week to get approval for filming this Saturday.

In Edgartown, the filming will include beauty shots at the Big Bridge and by the Chappaquiddick ferry and a shot of a car driving on North Water street near the Harbor View Hotel, Mr. Fitzgerald said. Police detail will be on hand.

The selectmen approved the filming schedule, as well as the use of four parking spaces in the Kelley street parking lot for a couple of vans and a small truck.

Mr. David, the co-creator of Seinfeld and star of the HBO series Curb Your Enthusiasm, has a house in Chilmark.

In Chilmark, the selectmen approved filming Saturday in Menemsha. The shoot will take place between four to five hours and the crew will be parked at the Home Port Restaurant parking lot, Mr. Fitzgerald said.

In an email, Mr. Fitzgerald told selectmen the crew hopes to get beauty shots of the harbor, fishing shacks, Larsen’s Fish Market and a sunset. The crew also hopes to get an aerial shot of “our hero car” turning onto a dirt road from a paved street. Mr. Fitzgerald said the movie is about green cars and getting off fossil fuels. According to the Hollywood Reporter’s description of the HBO project, Mr. David plays a former executive at an electric car company who loses his fortune and moves to a small island off the coast of Massachusetts. His former boss, played by Mad Men star Jon Hamm, comes to the Island to renovate his mansion, leading Mr. David’s character to plot revenge. Most of the movie is reportedly being filmed on the North Shore of Massachusetts.