It is the season of En Plein Air, even if you don’t paint. Fall on the Vineyard is an invitation to stroll, to meander, to lay down on the grass (less ticks now) and stare open mouthed at the trees swaying and clouds crawling by, while the sun provides a gentle caress rather than a 100-degree heat slap. Everywhere you look it is a bouquet of beauty which is why there are so many folks outside now, capturing it all on canvas, aka en plein air.

Part of the reason for this is also that the Dragonfly Fine Arts Gallery in Oak Bluffs his hosting a en plein air invitational. What this means is that featured artists, from both on-Island and off, have been invited to paint and show their work at the gallery. The show begins tomorrow, Sept. 22 and runs until Oct. 6.

Some specific painting spots have been suggested but artists do have free will to roam the Island and seek out the nook, cranny, sea or landscape that speaks solely to them. Work is hung as soon as it is delivered, on a daily basis, so this is also a show that changes often. All the work is for sale, too.

And for those who decide, hey, I want to get in on the art, Marjorie Mason will be offering en plein air painting classes. Contact her at or 508-645-7965.

The Dragonfly Gallery is located at 91 Dukes County avenue in the Arts District of Oak Bluffs.

Call 508-693-8877 or visit