Paffendorf does Dylan! Yes, I heard it myself. Good friend and former neighbor Christine Paffendorf just left from a long visit in our ’hood. At her new digs in Los Lunas, N.M., Chris is a member of the Sunshine Strummers, a fabulous group of ukulele players and entertainers. At a party hosted by Marge and Paul Howes last Saturday night, Chris presented the Strummers annual holiday concert on DVD. The Lenny’s Loop gang gathered to enjoy and critique. Upon my word, along with many old time standards, there were the Sunshine Strummers playing You Ain’t Going Nowhere from Dylan’s classic Nashville Skyline album. Yes, in those days we called them albums. The joy and finesse with which this group plays is incomparable. I just might fly out to attend the next concert live. Chris left yesterday in her zippy red convertible to start the long journey home by way of visiting the many friends she has all across the country. Safe travels, and keep on strumming!

Meanwhile, just next door, Wes Stokes and his friends Paul Gerencser and Matt Pearsall are visiting the family home for their annual derby participation. The men have known each other since about fourth grade and are still great friends. They arrived last Wednesday and signed up for the derby, but report that the stripers are small, and their success not so much. They are fishing 10 to 12 hours daily. However, someone was successful catching something at their house. Paul and Marge’s 15-year-old cat Charlie, always elegant in a gray tuxedo ensemble, made it over to the Stokes’ deck and stole a live eel from the bait bucket. He returned to his own deck, the eel wiggling out of his mouth, and waited patiently for Marge to fry it up for him. She didn’t. Well, at least someone is having success with the fishing season.

Our library reports a great turnout for the annual Friends of the Library 5K Run/Walk and Fun Run last Sunday. In addition, join Susan Grunthal for the continuing history of opera tomorrow at session four: Mozart, part two. The class will commence at 2 p.m. There is no charge, but please register ahead so you will be provided with the necessary materials for the class. You may do so online at, by calling 508-696-4211 ext. 16 or by dropping by the circulation deck. A subject that concerns us all will be presented for free on Tuesday, Sept. 25 at 7 p.m. in the library’s program room. Several Island health care professionals will meet to discuss How to Protect Yourself from Tick-Borne Illnesses. The group has set up a new website with helpful videos, and they have lots of information to share with you. The library’s final offering before my next column is Thursday, Sept. 27 at 7 p.m. The program room will be the site of session one of the Great Decisions Discussion Group, featuring the realignment of the Middle East after the Arab Spring. Augustus Richard Norton is the speaker. Please sign up online or at the circulation desk. The program is free, but a workbook is available for $10. This series is presented with the help of our Martha’s Vineyard chapter of the League of Women Voters. I love this time of year — fresher weather and the ability to actually park downtown and see some of the stores I have missed all season. A special shout out to Citrine, the first time I was able to stop and see it. There are beautiful gifts, clothing, shoes, artwork and jewelry. Give it a try. The birthday bandwagon pulls along Terry Gramkowski and Amanda Schwab today. Tomorrow is for Tawnya MacLeod, Nate Thayer and Michael Levandowski. Sept. 23 is claimed by Karen Mercier. Sept. 24 belongs to Judy Federowicz. Sept. 25 is a party for Lindsey Gonsalves, Chris Chappell, Daniel Gardella, John James Chadwick, Monica Rodrigues, Pedro Cavarlho and twins Pedro and Pinha Prata. Sept. 26 honors Jillian Guest and Calla Gillies. And on Sept. 27, Bill Little and Jason Lew take the cake. Many happy returns.