This Saturday, Oct. 6, from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., the West Tisbury Library is hosting a fairy house building day on the grounds of the library. The library will provide the materials, all of which come from nature. Fairies are not so much a part of the back-to-land movement as a we-have-never-left-the-land species.

But this doesn’t mean fairies like to live in any old vole hole. They like moss roofs, oyster shell walkways, tulip tree leaf awnings and cedar bark shelves. Be creative and the fairies will respond.

Perhaps it’s mere coincidence, or maybe the fairy houses are a conduit to good vibes (no Poltergeist-like burial curses we hope), but the following weekend the library prepares for its big move. The last day at the old library is Saturday, Oct. 13. Everyone is invited to bring a shovel and dig up the plants around the building to take home for free. Otherwise the bulldozer gets them. Grasses, butterfly bushes, sedums and many more are yours for the taking.

On Oct. 15 the temporary library opens up at Middletown Village (across the street from Conroy’s Apothecary in North Tisbury). This will be a much smaller space, with most of the materials hibernating for the next year and a half in storage units at the airport. But there will be books, some DVD’s, WiFi and computers, copying and printing services and inter-library loans. Phone numbers and hours remain the same.

For more information, call 508-693-3366.