West Tisbury

Marc Rosenbaum and Jill De La Hunt purchased 235 Great Plains Road in West Tisbury from Jeffrey J. Lovett for $421,000 on Oct. 1.

Jenny Brody and Peter M. Brody purchased 62 Ophelia Way and a portion of 30 Ophelia Way in West Tisbury from Myrnice M. Ravitch, trustee of the Ravitch Family Realty Trust, for $965,000 on Oct. 1.

Michael Carroll purchased 39 Old County Road in West Tisbury from James H. Paquette, trustee of Shovelhead Realty Trust, for $497,000 on Oct. 3.

Oak Bluffs

Karen Doyle-Jackson and Thomas M. Doyle purchased 6 Laurel avenue in Oak Bluffs from Anthony Loftis for $150,000 on Oct. 2.

Joseph Moujabber purchased 10 North Bluff Lane in Oak Bluffs from Cottage City LP for $218,000 on Oct. 4.


Ellen Jones Kaufman and Regis Kaufman purchased 21 Kitts Field Circle in Edgartown from Elizabeth Mitchell Bowring, trustee of the Bowring Realty Trust, for $775,000 on Oct. 3.

Amy Schuster and Rollin Schuster purchased 6 Pamela Way in Edgartown from Douglas R. Hunt and Maureen T. Hunt for $260,000 on Oct. 4.

Marcia Ann Draper purchased 24 Hye Road in Edgartown from Christopher P. Klouman and Ann R. Yang Klouman for $428,000 on Oct. 5.

Chilmark Robert M. McCarron, trustee of Pepperbush Realty Trust, purchased 3 Pepperbush Lane in Chilmark from Erica Mann Ramis, trustee of the Erica Mann Ramis Revocable Trust, and John Amboian, trustee of the Harold Ramis Revocable Trust, for $2,950,000 on Oct. 4.

Tisbury 115 Franklin street LLC purchased 115 Franklin street in Tisbury from Marcia A. Draper for $980,000 on Oct. 5.