You say pajamas, I say pyjamas. Remember what a ratty day Tuesday was? Thank goodness I could work from home, and did so in my pajamas. I prepared to visit my friends in the ‘hood that evening for our usual round of watching the national news and playing Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy, followed by Antiques Road Show. As I headed out the door my mother, Nonna, shrieked: “You’re not going out in your pajamas are you???” I said: “Yes, of course, no point changing now. Sometimes when I get to my neighbors one of them might be in PJs.” “That’s different; that’s their own house!” Nonna continued. “Well,” I said, “They have always said their house is my house. Get up early, Mom, and come for coffee at Cumberland Farms and count how many mothers are there in their pajamas. Or see the teenagers downtown in their plaid flannels.”

Nonna was absolutely disgusted and told me to tell Marge and Paul she didn’t raise me that way. So I did, but in my jammies. Sure enough, along came a handsome young male neighbor for a friendly visit. Then the handsome next-door neighbors stopped me on my way home to show me the wonderful picture of the big fish they caught — last time you’ll see me out in my pajamas.

Speaking of Marge and Paul, their daughter Julia and son in law Javi surprised them with a long weekend visit with their two adorable children, Aidan and Olivia. Actually, Paul was in on the surprise. It was an early treat for Marge’s upcoming birthday. Beaching, shopping, game room and kite-flying were the order of business.

Speaking of the big fish, as you know Wes Stokes has had many friends visit and participate in the derby with him. First, their luck was lukewarm, but as our waters got colder they were doing better. They stopped me to show off Matt Pearsall’s big catch on Monday: a 14-pound striper. It looked larger, but had already been filleted for their enjoyment, for the neighbors enjoyment and for a delicious donation to the senior food program. Same time, next year.

Wes also had a lovely five-year-old black lab named Olive Oil (Olive for short) visiting. Olive is friendly, well-behaved, very polite and no trouble at all. Olive’s mom in Connecticut is moving to an apartment that does not allow dogs, how silly is that? If you would like to help us give Olive a good Island home, call me.

Our next American Legion Auxiliary meeting will be at 7 p.m. on Tuesday, Oct. 16. Our commander, Buddy Oliver, is also collecting donations for a huge Legion raffle. Call him at 508-693-0912 if you can offer anything. Buddy reminds us that bingo is still played at 7:30 p.m. every Monday night. I’ll see you there.

Now that the season has quieted down, I find myself taking time to notice more things and chuckle as I drive around. I think our Island has some of the cleverest names for stores and shops. Coming to mind are The Net Result, Able to Cane, the Yarn Works – Every Yarn Tells A Story and the sign to leave Norton Farm: Eggs It. Do you have any favorite nominations?

I don’t know what to say or how to address the loss in the past few weeks of two of our most beloved Island citizens. The passing of Tom Hale, one of the kindest, most interesting and talented men on earth, is a great loss. Shirley McCarthy, the mother of us all, will be missed by everyone. Shirley brought up more children than possibly anyone on earth. We shall never forget her.

Condolences go out to my good friend Denise Civetta on the death of her nine-and-a-half-year-old English shepherd, Baci. Baci was from a working dog family in Lancaster, Pa. Baci means kisses in Italian. He was so named because he was such a loving puppy, kissing everyone. He carried this trait to his adulthood. Rest in peace, Baci.

Anniversary bouquets went out to Chuck Redington and Carolyn Snow Redington on Oct. 10.

The birthday bandwagon pulls along Jaime Conroy, Arvi Bahal and Sabrina Flipse today. Tomorrow is a party for John Sylvia, Vania Ruas and Marcos Arado. Oct. 14 is claimed by Amaru Pareja, Oct. 15 belongs to Helen Gorski, Oct. 16 honors Steffi Elliott and Oct. 17 is for Fritz Knight, Margery Howes, Sue Zonino and Hannah Berman. And on Oct. 18 Noel Macy, Zach Pepper, Shawn Goodwin, Jermaine Campbell and James Pringle, Sr. take the cake. Many happy returns.