A New York woman was sentenced to 90 days in a house of correction after she pleaded guilty Friday to several charges in Edgartown, including prostitution.

Shannon M. Owens, 27, of New York, N.Y., pleaded guilty on Oct. 12 to sexual conduct for a fee, assault and battery, larceny less than $250 (amended from larceny more than $250) and malicious destruction of property more than $250 (amended from malicious destruction of property less than $250).

Ms. Owens was sentenced to 90 days in a house of correction, with 17 days of jail credit given, for each charge. The sentences are to be served concurrently.

A finding of guilty was filed for a charge of refusing to identify herself, and charges of receiving stolen property more than $250, intimidating a witness, and an arrestee furnishing a false name were dismissed upon request of the commonwealth.

Ms. Owens was arrested Sept. 26 in Edgartown after police said she came to the Island when an Edgartown man responded to her Craigslist advertisement for prostitution services.

She was allegedly accompanied by Gabriel Rios-Leon, 20, of Rockaway, N.J., who police said came along for protection and to handle money.

According to the police report filed in court, Ms. Owens and Mr. Rios-Leon went to the Edgartown man’s home, where Ms. Owens got into an altercation with the man after a disagreement about the terms of their arrangement.

Ms. Owens allegedly stole the man’s laptop, cell phone and wallet before leaving his home, and police said that after a neighbor asked Ms. Owens and Mr. Rios-Leon to quiet down, she smashed the neighbor’s windshield with a rock.

The two later were arrested and Ms. Owens gave the name and information of Brianna Owens, 20, of Providence. Police then discovered this was Ms. Owens’s younger sister, and that Shannon Owens had a warrant out for her arrest in New Jersey, where police said she had a significant criminal history.

Ms. Owens was also charged with being a fugitive from justice. That case was continued to Jan. 18.

Mr. Rios-Leon is still facing charges of receiving stolen property, deriving support from prostitution and intimidating a witness.