Nat Benjamin and his 50-foot schooner Charlotte are featured in the November/December 2012 issue of WoodenBoat Magazine.

Mr. Benjamin, who runs Gannon and Marine Railway with Ross Gannon and Brad Abbott, wrote the story, which is spread across 10 pages. His good friend and highly-regarded marine photographer Ben Mendlowitz produced a photo spread to accompany the article.

The article is a celebration of the process of how a master boat builder, who builds and restores boats for others, made his own from start to finish. It is also an article of a great success, one that honors a boat and its builder. Charlotte was completed five years ago.

In the article Mr. Benjamin pays tribute to the many people who assisted, and the many moving parts that came together under the efforts of others, to turn timber into a great sailing schooner.

“Designing and building a boat requires more than a measure of audacity and a handful of carpentry skills,” he writes in the article. “It is about developing balance, proportion, and compromise. And it’s about relationships — not just in spare time, but all the time.”

Mr. Benjamin wrote the article last winter with help from his colleagues and friends Virginia Jones and Carol Gannon Salguero, as well as Mr. Mendlowitz and the magazine’s editor Matthew P. Murphy.

“This is good for the boatyard,” Mr. Benjamin said, referring to the article’s ability to introduce Gannon and Benjamin Marine Railway to a wider audience.