Arrivederci, Sandy — your visit lasted way too long. Thankfully, the only real damage in Aquinnah was the Lobsterville area, where the road washed out, leaving those dunes in a delicate state. We were very fortunate.

We were rather windswept and received a fair amount of rain. The waves were incredibly high, the beach has shifted the rock formation a little, but there was no real damage to the dunes on the south side. My grammar school friend Janie Anderson from Hilton Head, S.C., as well as a distant relative from New Zealand, called with concerns. My knitting kept me busy, and spending time with Noah.

See you at the polls on Tuesday! Vote early and vote often! Every vote counts. You still have time to get your absentee ballot cast. Our town clerk, Carolyn Feltz, has been inundated with massive amounts of paperwork in time for the election. The ballots have arrived, absentee ballots are arriving daily and her dedicated staff will be well-prepared. The polls open at 7 a.m .and remain open until 8 p.m.

Michael Hebert, his wife Eleanor, and yours truly returned home late Friday night after spending the week in New Orleans with many of our travel companions. Those traveling with us included Cosmo and Elia Dell Anno, Joseph and Rosemarie Pisano, Eleanora Diruzza, Shawna Flaherty, Erin Yates, Maura Harrington, Michael Diluigi, Stacey Jeffrey, Claudia Dell Anno, Paul Lucero, Marc Capizzi, Kathleen Mahoney, Paul and Jean Capizzi, Lucy Dellorusso, Victoria Wilshusen, Frank and Mary Vitiello, Rocco and Teresa Viglietti, Sostene and Maria Procopio, Maria Capano, Rita Raffaele, John Roberts, Antonio and Anna Melchionno, Madeline Fisher and her daughter Barbara Fisher, Maria Garcia, Margaret Swanson, Sharon Cecere, Mae Brown, Franz and Immacolata Marenghi, and Dora Perrone. We toured the French Quarter, the historic Destrehan Plantation, Harrah’s, took a cruise along the Mississippi aboard the steamboat Natchez, visited the awe-inspiring National World War II Museum, and a had a guided tour with our guide Anne. The entire week was grand. Lots of laughter and such an enjoyable time together.

Michael, Eleanor and I enjoyed two evenings with her cousin Andrew Boisseau and his wife Ruby. It featured a visit to their beautiful home, which was recently restored while they resided in Texas following Hurricane Katrina, dinner at one of their favorite restaurants and, on our last evening, a meet-up after dinner. We enjoyed a walking tour with Andy in the French Quarter and along the waterfront, as well as his enlightening historic information about his homeland. Andrew and Eleanor’s mothers were sisters, his being the late Esther (Perry) Boisseau and hers, Barbara (Perry) Francis. Needless to say, we had a grand time. Lots of great food, amazing sights and especially the fellowship.

Condolences to the family and friends of Alberta “Betty” (Sylvia) Rose, who passed away on Oct. 30 surrounded by her family at her home in Oak Bluffs. She was the widow of Manuel Rose. Betty is survived by her sons Robert, Kenneth, Albert, and Dennis; her brothers, Albert Sylvia and Robert Sylvia; and her sister, Eileen White. Services will be held this morning at Chapman, Cole and Gleason at 9:30 a.m. followed by mass at Our Lady Star of the Sea Church and burial at Sacred Heart Cemetery. A gathering will follow at the Portuguese American Club, please bring a dish to share.

Welcome to Tillie Arrow Taylor, who was born on Oct. 17 at the Martha’s Vineyard Hospital. Tillie is welcomed home by her parents Isaac and Noli, her three-year-old brother Emmett, grandparents Captain Hugh and Jeanne Taylor, and great grandparents Trudy Taylor, Katherine Olsen, Charles Hoye and Donald Smith, as well as numerous cousins of the Taylor and Flanders families across the Vineyard.

Welcome to Abel Joseph Rutkowski, who was born on Oct. 18 at the Martha’s Vineyard Hospital. He is welcomed home by his parents, Charles Rutkowski and Tnisha Chandler, his two-year-old sister Kaya, grandparents John and Julie (Magee) Chandler, great grandparents Mark and Esther (Andrada) Chandler, and Eva Mae (Look) Magee.

Get well wishes to Captain Brian F. “Chip” Vanderhoop, who has recently been a patient at Martha’s Vineyard Hospital and is now at home recuperating.

Elaine Diotima Vanderhoop has returned from her month-long visit with family and friends in the Black Forest in Germany.

Happy 50th anniversary wishes to Paul and Beth Mayhew, who celebrated on Oct. 27. Not their 59th, as my fingers hit the wrong key a week ago. They are not even old enough to be celebrating that many years.

Happy birthday wishes to Abigail Lana Peterson, Kayla Foster and Janice Cook Sylvia as they celebrate on Nov. 3. Melissa Vanderhoop Abrams and Cheryl Holenko share the day on Nov. 4. Elizabeth Witham and Gary Cook party on Nov. 5.

John Hanavan, Rachel Zack, Susan Peters and Daryn Foster will all celebrate on Nov. 6. Bradford Combra and Nick Thorne share the day on Nov. 7. Fiona Brown will be two years old on Nov. 7.

A very special happy 90th birthday wish to Trudy Taylor as she celebrates her special day on Nov. 7. She has already been honored by family and friends in Chapel Hill, N.C. and will be duly honored by those on the Vineyard next week.