Well, today is the start of a long holiday weekend for some of us. The library, school and all other town and county buildings will be closed on Monday in honor of Veterans Day. This holiday was created to acknowledge the armistice that ended World War I. Over 50 years ago the day was re-dedicated to honor the veterans who fought in all of our country’s armed conflicts. Let us pause for a moment on Wednesday to remember all of those who have gone before us.

Barbara Fales deBraganca reports that at a luncheon she and her husband attended in Providence last month David McCullough was the recipient of the Prix Charbonnier, an award presented every year by the Federation of Alliances Francaises to an individual who has made a major contribution to better understanding and friendship between the United States and France. Attending the luncheon were the ambassador from France, Francois Delattre, and the new Consul General of France in Boston, Fabien Fieschi, as well as the Mayor of Providence and various dignitaries from the state of Rhode Island. Barbara just happens to be a member of the board of the federation that presented the award. She also reported that every member of the audience was spellbound when David spoke!

A special town meeting will be held in the school gym on Tuesday at 7 p.m. to act on the business of a nine-article warrant. Articles on the warrant include: appropriate from overlay surplus the sum of $80,000 to complete the final design and construction documents, obtain a final cost estimate, and advertise and seek bids for a new police station. Several routine housekeeping articles: amend the zoning by law, amend a 2008 annual town meeting article regarding affordable housing and seek authorization to dispose of two parcels of land on Long Point Road. Although this may seem mundane, it would be appropriate and necessary to attract a quorum, so put it on your calendar today.

Anna Alley of State Road returned home on Tuesday after a weekend trip to Napa Valley, Calif. with her friend Denise Mount. Anna reports that they had a wonderful time and the weather was great.

The folks over at 7A Foods near the general store have started a clothing drive for the people in Breezy Point, N.Y. who lost everything during Hurricane Sandy. If you can help out, stop by and contribute.

The presidential election is over and our congratulations to President Barack Obama, Senator-elect Elizabeth Warren and the other winners.

Phyllis Meras and Sal Laterra have returned from a lengthy visit to Turkey and surrounding areas. Linda Baughman who had been caring for her livestock has returned to Pennsylvania.

Jennifer Tseng, over at the library, reports that on Sunday Nov. 18, from 4 to 5 p.m., the fabulous Bunch of Grapes bookstore in Vineyard Haven will host the West Tisbury Library’s semi-annual Community Poetry Reading. This event features community members reading their own poems and/or the poems of others. Help keep the tradition alive by attending as a reader, a listener or both — and check out their new space at 44 Main street. As always, numbers will be drawn from a hat to determine the reading order. Refreshments served. Free and open to the public.

Anna Carringer reports that Karen Keene, CEO, Stephen Fletcher, executive vice president and director of American Furniture and Decorative Arts, and Judith Dowling, director of Asian Works of Art will be in the Martha’s Vineyard Museum library on Saturday, Dec. 1 to evaluate your prized objects and collectibles. Skinner Associates Inc. may consign items with a portion of the proceeds to benefit the museum.

Lynn Ditchfield reports that on Tuesday, at 5:15 p.m., Candace Schulenburg of Cape Cod Community College will hold a free informational session for Islanders interested in courses, programs and financial aid which could be offered on the Island.

Halloween tricks these days are on the decline. Just two trick-or-treaters stopped at our house. But back in the late 1940s and early 1950s, pushing Lena McNeil’s black Essex into the nearby swamp (across from the police station), uprooting the junction sign at Brandy Brow corner and planting it in Joe Howes front lawn, and stringing his wife Bessie’s clothes lines end-on-end and hooking them on the barn all were routine tricks that were expected to be carried out each year. I remember Helen Cooper, who lived on Old County Road, played her own trick on the kids that came to her house expecting candy. She had a sign on her front door that asked the kids to knock and ring loudly, and they did, but she never opened her door! On the other hand, her neighbors, Donald and Elizabeth Campbell, always gave out cider and popcorn and even an extra glass if they could identify you, even though you wore a costume. That also was the last house to stop on the road for trick-or-treaters as the Earle, Fales, Drexler, Richmond and Barth houses were closed for the season.

Happy Birthday to Sharon Estrella, Gabriella Camilleri, Jane Coakley, Erin Leighton and Nicole Casey today; to Binny Ravitch, Ken Hurd, Michael West, Keith Olsen and Linda Talbot tomorrow; to Richard Cohen, Marian Mohr, Mary Jo Joiner, Andy Brunk, Cynthia Eakin and Salvadore Della Torre on Sunday; to Tina Fisher, Barbara Hoffman, Paul Schultz and Shri Hitchcock on Monday; to Rosemary Jackson, Neal Galligan and Cheryl Kram on Tuesday; to Lee Aven, Louise Fragosa, Geoff Currier and Matthew Rosenthal on Wednesday; and to Antonio Saccoccia, Robin Nagle and George Hough on Thursday. A happy 6th anniversary to Nicole Alley and Arsen Hambardzumian on Sunday.

Well, that is all of the social news for this week’s column. If you have any news, please call or e-mail me. As we approach the holiday season, please be reminded of what the late Will Rogers said about making your money last longer: “Fold it in half!” Have a great week.