Poker star Jesse Sylvia joined friends and family on Monday night for a hometown celebration at the Ritz Cafe in Oak Bluffs. In late October Mr. Sylvia won second place in the World Series of Poker Main Event, earning $5.29 million.

Biggie Shorty provided the tunes and a crew of two cameramen followed Mr. Sylvia around, filming an MTV True Life episode on him as a young millionaire. Earlier the camera crew had filmed Mr. Sylvia shopping for houses on the Island for his mother Marlene DiStefano.

The Ritz Cafe first gained national attention after Vineyard fans chanted “Buy the Ritz!” during his final hours at the Las Vegas tournament. Mr. Sylvia did not buy the Ritz, at least not on this night, but he did buy a few rounds. The camera captured Mr. Sylvia and his father Wayne Sylvia, mother Ms. DiStefano, and sisters Randi and Nica Sylvia together at the bar, as well as numerous friends.

At 1 a.m. the lights flickered, a signal for the late-night revelers to pay their bills and go home.

“Can’t we just keep the lights on for a few more hours?” asked Mr. Sylvia.

The crowd dispersed, and Mr. Sylvia prepared to head home to California and then to Australia for another round of poker tournaments.