The Martha’s Vineyard Youth Hockey winter season is underway.

Last weekend, the Peewees played three games, hosting Gateway for a double header on Saturday and Lower Cape Fancy the next day. The team started out strong against Gateway, shutting out their opponents 8-0 in the first game. Hunter Ponte led the scoring with four goals, and Colby Zarba notched two. William Herman and Jack Murray also scored for the Vineyard. The Peewees scored eight goals again in the second game, going 10-2 over Gateway. Hunter had six goals, with Jack scoring two and Colby landing one. Meghan Sonia scored for the Peewees as well. Michael Metcalf and Joe Kershaw split time in the net.

On Sunday, the Peewees fell 4-2 to Lower Cape Fancy, as Michael had to leave the game due to injury, with an already-injured Joe stepping in for his teammate. Hunter scored one of the Vineyard’s goals, with William Herman contributing the other. Assists came from Meghan, Jack, Layla Buckley, Cabot Thurber and Ian Trance.

Earlier this month, the Peewees traveled to Dennis-Yarmouth, winning the first game of a double header 6-1 and tying the second 3-3.

The Martha’s Vineyard NVL team played Walpole last Friday, winning 7-2 to break a four-game losing streak. Nainoa Cooperrider scored four goals for the Vineyard, and Josh Forend notched two. Jonas Lukowitz also scored for the team, with Tristan Araujo, Jacob Gundersen and James Sashin showing strong work on the offense as well.