Some hadn’t played in years, since they had graduated from the regional high school. Others were still playing in college. But all were happy to be back on the ice of the Martha’s Vineyard Arena for the 14th Annual Ryan Mone Memorial alumni games Wednesday night.

“I haven’t played since I graduated [in 2005],” alum Brie Sylvia said after the women’s game, in which the purple team defeated white in a shootout after an initial 3-3 tie. “We didn’t even have full lines, but it was fun.”

Just 10 players suited up for the women’s game, so the players couldn’t change out their lines and had to skate the entire game. The alums were up to the task, with each squad matching the other shot for shot until time ran out and the shootout began. Gillian O’Callaghan, class of 2011, scored twice for the purple team, with Cristina Wiley, class of 2002, also finding her way past goaltender Jaime Forend (class of 2011). Liane Dixon, class of 2001, had two goals for the white team, and Chrissy McCarthy had one. Elyce Bonnell, class of 2002 and current junior varsity coach for the girls’ team, tended the net for the white squad.

There was a much larger turnout for the men’s game, as the boys’ hockey program was established far earlier than the girls’, which is just 13 years old. The white team defeated purple 6-3. While most of the players were younger, a few of the “old guys” returned, including Gary BenDavid and Mike Perry, class of 1991. Amos Cavallo, class of 1998, landed the first goal of the game, zipping the puck past purple goaltender John Black on an assist from Jock Cooperrider (class of 2011) and Joe Merry. Cooperrider scored two more goals for his team and landed another assist.

Angela Debettencourt returns to the ice. — Ivy Ashe

Joe’s brother Danny landed a hat trick for team white, potting his final goal with two minutes left in the game. Other goals came from Brandon Willette, Cody Pachico, and Tad Gold, who scored on a penalty shot. Assists came from Casey Elliston, Nelson Dickson (class of 2012), Jeremie Rogers, Mike Giordano, and Colby Gouldrup.

“It feels great to be back on the ice,” Gouldrup, who graduated just last year, said after the game. “You just kind of run out there.”

Gold, class of 2009, noted the camaraderie on the ice: “It’s fun playing with guys you looked up to when you were younger . . . it’s definitely a brotherhood.”

“It’s good to play at home,” Amos Cavallo said.