Chilmark welcomed Santa on Tuesday last with rain and wind, however the festive holiday was little dampened by the weather and homes were lit and warmed with many family reunions and celebrations.

As I write, the sun is shining brightly promising, I hope, a cheery new year in the offing. At least, now is the time to anticipate the future with some cheer and hope. I learned long ago not to make any New Year’s resolutions but there is always room for hope!

The last winter farmers’ market of the season will be at the Agricultural Hall tomorrow, Dec. 29, from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. The usual farmers’ market treats will be offered, plus a hot lunch for sale and live music to entertain us. Several local authors will be signing their recent books, including Ethel Sherman, Holly Bellebuono and Susan Klein.

The Chilmark library book sale now has books for free. The books will be available until Dec. 29 and the library will be closed on Dec. 31 and Jan. 1.

We send many wishes on New Year’s Day to Barbara Flynn who will celebrate a significant birthday on that day! Barbara is the mother of Karen, Jackie and Michael who cheerfully run the Bite in Menemsha every summer. Cheers to you, Barbara!

Harriette Otteson made it home for Christmas after enjoying a birding trip in Uruguay. She joined a guided tour that circled the country and led them to see many of the beautiful birds of that area. She found the country to be beautiful and interesting. At one point, they were one traffic lane away from Brazil, as the boundary was the highway.

I had an interesting call from Margaret Maida who told me that years ago she and her young family rented the Henry Look house that I described last week. I reminded you of the barn and horse made famous by Thomas Hart Benton and explained that they were no more. Well, Margaret clearly remembers that one morning they got up to find that the barn which was standing the night before had fallen down, flat. So that is why there is no barn!

I met our fire chief this week and he asked me to remind us all that, as cold weather increases and fireplaces and wood stoves get used more, we make sure chimneys are clean and that we observe all precautions regarding the use of such heat sources.

Sorry, short column this week but will spend the next few weeks answering some often-asked questions about Chilmark and its past. If you have a question you’d like to ask, please email me.

Cheers to us all for another year; let’s spend as much of it in Chilmark as we can!