I have become accustomed to downward mobility, diminished dreams and disappointing occurrences. Therefore, my usual lengthy and optimistic New Year’s resolution list is shelved this year. My wants and needs are smaller. But this one hope for the new year is in your hands and you can make it happen for me. I want NO MORE FORWARDS. Yes, some are funny, many poignant, some informative, but way too many are, what was referred to in my Old Days, chain letters.

Frankly, I don’t have the time to sit at the computer and read how many people need your touchy-feely prayers, angels, jokes, requests to send a dollar to the top person on the list and add your name to the bottom and requests to scribble a recipe. Actually, I am always stymied trying to come up with 10 friends and or family members to forward the forward to. And if I can come up with 10 friends, I realize they are misanthropes like me who don’t want to receive this stuff.

The few times I was tricked into participating I never received $600 in three days or 300 recipes in five days. I never found a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow or was cured of my backaches. World peace was never achieved no matter how many times I signed on for it. I also suspect it is a great way for unsavory characters to get a bunch of emails for advertising lists or other nefarious purposes. Most of my jobs do not involve sitting at a desk or computer. I think the people who come up with this stuff are either home computer nerds or have desk jobs at offices with far too little to do with their time.

The clincher is always the last line that says “send this back to me so that I know we’re on the same page.” Then you feel guilty for not having the time to do this, for not wanting to involve your other friends this way and usually you don’t agree with this stuff anyway.

Some of my friends seem to live only for forwards. There is never a personal message. A “Hello, how are you? How are the dogs? What are you doing?” But this is the kind of communication I’m looking for. So help me attain my resolution for 2013. Send me personal notes. Tell me what your kids are doing or what you’re reading. But please hold the forwards. And a happy New Year to you, too.

A generous grant named in honor of the late founder, the Peter H. Luce play readers have been meeting every Wednesday at noon for 15 years at the Tisbury Senior Center. All types of plays are covered from Roman and Greek classics to cutting-edge modern playwrights. Mark your calendars for Sunday, Jan. 13, at 2 p.m. Readers Mike Adell, Myra Stark, Eric Turner and Ellie Beth will present the great comedy of manners, Oscar Wilde’s The Importance of Being Earnest. Noel Coward’s Private Lives will be performed by Mike Adell, Rise Terney, Linda Comstock and Leslie J. Stark. Scenes for both readings have been adapted and directed by Leslie J. Stark and will be performed at the Vineyard Haven Public Library.

Speaking of the Starks, Leslie and Myra celebrated their 46th wedding anniversary on Dec. 22 at the Lamberts Cove Inn with daughter Victoria of Wappinger Falls. This was soon followed by a festive Christmas day dinner at their home with sisters Cheryl and Margie. Congratulations, Leslie and Myra!

Our American Legion Post 257 gives thanks to the Tisbury firefighters who replaced the flag on our pole.

The birthday bandwagon pulls along with Fred Shapiro, Pia DiTerlizzi and Carol Slocum today. Tomorrow is shared by Len Morris and Toby Danger Riseborough. On Dec. 30 honors go to Dane Bliss and Claire Elizabeth O’Leary. December 31 belongs to Gracie Carlson and Marcia Cohen. New Year’s babies are Liz Duff and Kylee Willoughby. And on Jan. 2 Anthony Masi, Joy Rogers, Brian Doherty, Sue Rabot and Madeline Noel Doup take the cake. Many happy returns.