Great appreciation to Isaac Taylor in assisting and saving the lives of his fellow Aquinnah community members on Friday morning. The scallopers were not out in abundance on Friday and there were only two boats on Menemsha Pond. Frank Perez, his wife Melanie and their brother in law Dan Marshall were faced with their scalloping boat taking on water. After repeatedly yelling for assistance, they then stood on the bow of their boat. That’s when Isaac realized something was drastically wrong. In tying on a tow line, the metal structure snapped and unfortunately hit Dan in the head. They had already made calls to the U.S. Coast Guard Station in Menemsha which then notified the Chilmark harbormaster Dennis Jason and his staff, as well as Tri-Town Ambulance; all of whom ventured up the channel to the pond.

Dan was transported via the harbormaster boat to an ambulance and then to Martha’s Vineyard Hospital. He has since returned to his home and is doing well. Kudos to Isaac Taylor and his heroic efforts to assist and save his community members.

Reverend Marlene Gil was the guest minister at Community Baptist Church on Sunday morning as well as at the First Baptist Church on Sunday. Reverend Gil is the area coordinator through the Old Colony Baptist Association. It was nice to meet her in person, after several telephone calls. She was accompanied by her husband Steve and they were transported to Aquinnah by Theresa Culletto. Reverend Ellen Tatreau will return this Sunday after attending to meetings throughout the week. Further plans will be discussed regarding the failed water well at the parsonage on Church street.

Sincerest condolences to the family and friends of Dorothy Anair who was a long-time multi-generational family friend, having resided just down Lighthouse Road for a number of years. Many fond memories of fun family evenings at the home of the late Red and Dot Anair. She always kept up with the news through the Vineyard Gazette each week and will be missed by her many Aquinnah friends.

Get well wishes to Joe Corbo who is recuperating from his recent orthopedic surgery at New England Baptist Hospital.

Lexie Roth is glowing in the celebration of the release of her music video premier “Stay or Go.” We will look forward to visits from Lexie and her dad Arlen Roth at their Aquinnah home.

Jessica Shafer and her daughter Isabelle arrived from Fort Lauderdale and enjoyed their Christmas holiday at their Aquinnah home with the company of her sister Sarah Shafer Howes and husband Ted. They also enjoyed the company of many friends throughout the holiday.

Get well wishes to Edwin Vanderhoop who has been a patient at Martha’s Vineyard Hospital.

Naushon Vanderhoop and her two month old daughter Nanawusuwee returned to their home in Brooklyn, N.Y. this week after spending the past few weeks with her mother Roxane Ackerman and siblings Diamond, Woody, Faith as well as family and friends across the Vineyard.

Jesse Wiener and his wife Maggie began their cross-country motor trip this week, heading to a new adventure in Los Angeles. Along the way they plan to stop in rather unique places each day. Best of luck to them in their new abode and work experience.

Happy Birthday wishes this week to Gordon Perry who will celebrate on Jan. 12. He was the Vineyard’s New Years baby of 1964. He shares the day with Pam Glavin, Alex Mayhew, Caleb Hallett and Priscilla Belain. Edie Baker, Brian Athearn, Marilyn Manning and twins Dillon and Jocelyn Woods all share the day on Jan. 13. Megan Woods will celebrate her special day on Jan. 14. Faith Vanderhoop parties on Jan. 15 and shares the day with Carol Mayrand. Chester Cook and Derrick Mays party on Jan. 16. Jesse Wiener will party on Jan. 18 as will Roy Hope.