Chilmark is a very quiet place this week . . . unless you count the coughing and sneezing. Almost every family has someone down with a flu-like bug. Some have the real thing but it is hard to care which is which when you are suffering. The town hall, school and library are all running with short staffs as the bug works its way through town. We wish you all a speedy recovery and we send thanks to those who kept our public buildings open and running.

The work continues on the new docks. The floating docks are in and looking very trim. There is more work to do and I am sure the workmen are happy that this week’s snowstorm skipped the Vineyard.

The Chilmark library movie for Jan. 25 will be Anastasia, shown at 7 p.m. and free popcorn and drink will be offered. All are welcome at no cost. Curious George, the popular fictional monkey, will be making a visit to the Chilmark library to entertain the many youngsters who enjoy his antics in book and on television. The Martha’s Vineyard Library Association and the Chilmark library will sponsor the event on Feb. 2 at 10:30 a.m. All are welcome at no charge.

Congratulations from us all to Bette Carroll who will be celebrating her 90th birthday on Jan. 20. Her family and friends invite us all to a party in her honor at the Chilmark Community Center at 5 p.m. on Jan. 30. Cheers to you, Bette!

We send condolences this week to the up-Island community who knew and loved Marjorie Manter Rogers. She was a well-known and liked member of the Islandwide community and she will be missed by all.

I was dismayed this week to read of the death of Judi Sunday. Many will remember her from the Chilmark Flea Market where she sold her lively artwork for a number of years. Her depictions of Island scenes and icons painted on Cronig’s paper bags pleased many shoppers and she was a popular vendor there. We send condolences to her family and friends. We send condolences to the extended family and many friends of Hope Francis Flanders Bailiff who died in Northampton on Jan. 9. She was a daughter of Gladys and Robert Flanders of Menemsha. Her sister, Bette, survives her. She had a long and successful career in education and enjoyed her Vineyard connections all her life. We are happy that she had a long life and the love of her large family.

I have been asked to explain what the Fulling Mill Brook name refers to and a browse through Banks history of Chilmark tells us that it refers to a brook used to power a mill built for the purpose of fulling woolen cloth. The mill was built by Benjamin Skiffe and his partner, Pain Mayhew. Back in 1694 for the purpose of cleaning the woolen cloth being made up-Island. Wool needs to be cleaned and stretched after being woven and the fulling process included three separate washings and then the stretching process. The brook was referred to as a river back then and the mill was built on a bank high above the brook/river. It has its origin in a swamp and then runs south to the Chilmark Pond, which it still does. The actual mill is no more.

Please mark your calendars for the biggest winter social event of the year. The Chilmark PTO will host their annual dance on Feb. 9. It is an event not to be missed, dancing optional, socializing a must. More details to come.