Well, I’m not as crazy as I thought I was, but I’ll bet I’m still crazier than you think I am. When I did my mea culpa last week for initially misinforming you of the date of the Robby Burns birthday supper (annually put on by the Scottish Society of Martha’s Vineyard), I said I had looked at an old invitation with a January date. It was an old invitation, but not last year’s. The goal of Scottish societies around the world (I have even known friends to attend a Robby Burns dinner in Hawaii) is to hold it the closest day possible to his Jan. 25 birthday. After we thought it could be at the Harbor View in January, our leader, Ed Pierce, found out that the Harbor View would be closed for the month. Hence the date (tonight) in February. I hope you all have a great time, it is certainly worth waiting for.

Thank you, thank you, to the young man I overheard recommending suspenseful books to his friend. And curses to him also. That’s what I get for eavesdropping at a restaurant. I have become one of Reacher’s Creatures, devouring the Lee Child books featuring hero Jack Reacher. I am also now addicted to the Barry Eisler series on an assassin. Lots of excitement, but many sleepless nights. Actually, to take a break from all the suspense I finally got around to reading the Walter Isaacson biography of Steve Jobs. Believe it or not, that fascinated me even more than the novels ­— I finished it in two days. I’ve also re-read Isaacson’s biography of Ben Franklin this winter so it hasn’t all been fiction and murder.

Our library offers a great program next Tuesday night at 7 p.m. Come hear Laura Wainwright read several of her essays from her book Homebird: Four Seasons on Martha’s Vineyard. Laura explores our nature, birds coming and going, changing seasons and even skaters on frozen ponds.

The Friends of the Vineyard Haven Public Library continues this month with their Art in the Stacks display. Beginning today the featured artist is photographer Phyllis Dunn. Phyllis was a 10-year seasonal visitor, then washed ashore and now lives in Edgartown year round. Her interests focus on architectural design, her many and far-flung travels and her loving exploration of nature. This exhibit concentrates on her photos of Martha’s Vineyard. Phyllis has exhibited in Connecticut, at the Anchors and at Featherstone Gallery and Flea Market. She has studied with Cathy Rose and David Welch, both of Featherstone. The exhibit is viewable during regular library hours.

As the West Tisbury Library is being built, their Mother Goose on the Loose program has migrated to other Island libraries. Please note for the month of February there will not be a story hour on Mondays or Fridays. Their appearance at our library will be at 10:30 a.m. on Thursday, Feb. 7 and Feb. 21. Thank you for sharing your program.

Get well wishes go out to Laurie Marotta’s mother, our seasonal resident Wanda Denton. Wanda is back home in West Hartford, Conn, recovering from a recent hospital stay.

The birthday bandwagon pulls along Beau Eric Linderson today. Tomorrow is a party for James Ralston, Alena Shisko, Brian Robinson, Lucia Ponte and Rex Henry Grant. Feb. 3 shines on Joan Jannace, Jeff Rancourt, Jennifer Roman and Michael Sylvia. Feb. 4 is claimed by Roni DeLuz. Feb. 5 belongs to Kelsey Smith and Raleigh Hadley Russell. Feb. 6 is for Marcia Rossi, Taylor Poggi and Chris Silvia. And on Feb. 7 Deb Little takes the cake. Many happy returns.