Edgartown police are issuing a criminal complaint summons for a man who was allegedly growing marijuana in his Twentieth street home, an early test of the state’s recently approved medical marijuana law.

While responding to a reported theft at Keith Bassett’s apartment on Jan. 27, Edgartown police allegedly found a marijuana grow room.

According to a police report by Det. Sgt. Christopher Dolby, the room allegedly contained about 12 marijuana plants, each three feet tall, and the room had lights “and other equipment designed to cultivate marijuana.”

Mr. Bassett, 43, allegedly told police that he grew the marijuana for family members who have cancer, and explained that he could do so because of the state law allowing marijuana, which was approved by voters in November.

“Bassett explained that his intent was to extract the oil from the plants which is then used as a medicine for various ailments,” the report said. “It was clear that Bassett was very knowledgeable with respect to marijuana cultivation.”

Sgt. Dolby said he was not presented with any documentation indicating Mr. Bassett was legally allowed to grow marijuana in his apartment.

“I explained that I understood his argument in regards to the new marijuana legislation, and perhaps in the near future he will be able to purchase a legitimate operation,” Sgt. Dolby wrote in his police report.

Sgt. Dolby applied for a search warrant and allegedly photographed and seized the 12 marijuana plants, four plastic shopping bags containing green vegetable matter consistent with marijuana, numerous packages of marijuana seeds and other items from the home. He said that a criminal complaint summons for cultivating marijuana will be filed with Edgartown District Court.