Well, Nemo or whatever that was, turned out to be quite the storm over the weekend. It was bad enough with nearly two feet of snow, but the winds and the drifting and then the ice was more than one needed to remind them that they are still in New England. It was rather cozy not venturing out for nearly three days. A little reading, knitting and paperwork accomplished. The lights went out in Aquinnah and for most of the Vineyard for about 12 hours. The state-mandated no-driving ban was in effect to allow only for emergency vehicles and to allow the plows and sanders to do their work. By Sunday, one would have thought it was a winter wonderland. Many children in Aquinnah and from points beyond enjoyed an afternoon of sledding down the hill at Aquinnah Circle.

An immense thank you to the police, firefighters, EMT’s, paramedics, highway crews, the State highway crews, utility crews and the NStar workers for all of their vital work over the weekend. Let’s not have a repeat this weekend. In the meantime, it was a weekend of planning warm and sunny vacation spots before spring arrives in a little more than a month. The destinations at least sound warmer and sunnier than this past weekend.

Congratulations to Vineyard Gazette staff — Ivy Ashe, Sara Brown, Bill Eville, Steve Durkee, Sara Gifford, Mark Lovewell and Remy Tumin who attended the NENPA awards dinner at the Park Plaza Hotel in Boston over the weekend and won awards for their graphic design, their notable tales, and for Excellence for the Vineyard Gazette. Thank you! You have all done a superb job and this calls for more celebrating!

Travelers attending the annual United South and Eastern Tribes (USET) Conference and the Close Up Youth Summit in Washington, D.C. all traveled home a few days earlier than planned due to the impending blizzard.

The new solar array panel at the Aquinnah landfill is barely noticeable as you drive in. The placement of the panels certainly captures the sun. It has been estimated that by providing energy to the town buildings they will save the Town of Aquinnah approximately $14,000 per year.

Happy Birthday wishes this week to Doug Fortes and Brenda Johnson who share the day on Feb. 16. Linda Hobbs and John Robey will party on Feb. 18. Linda Scott, Rose Marie King and Olivia Marie Sims will celebrate on Feb. 19. Wendy deGeofroy will celebrate her special day on Feb. 20 as will Cedric Belain. Brenda Lehman parties on Feb. 21 and shares the day with Lenny Jason, Jr., Anne Vanderhoop Madison, Steve Garvin Jr. and Constancce Iadicicco.

Ginger Duarte will celebrate her special day on Feb. 22. Chelsea Ives and Rita Jeffers will also party on Feb. 22.