Chilmark survived the winds, rains and snows of the past week with no serious outcomes. Some trees are gone, some birds didn’t make it thru the hard winds and cold temperatures, and some locals headed south for their vacations but, all in all, we made it mostly through another February with no more than the usual wear. After Tuesday night’s rains washed away a snow bank, I found that we had a patch of daffodils that is up about four inches! They are a most pleasing sight. Other nice signs of a milder season coming are the bird calls in the early morning and the yellow tips of the willow trees.

Our hard-working library staff will have the Chilmark library fully on the CLAMS program for electronic materials as of Feb. 28. Many thanks for the extra hours offered by staff and volunteers. It will move us all into the next stage of the electronic era. Remember to get your Chilmark library card updated to include CLAMS.

The public events continue in Chilmark - there is a lot going on if venturing out is possible. Tonight there will be a Potluck Jam at the community center sponsored by Warren Doty and Alex Karalakas. All are welcome to come make music 5 p.m.

Pathways Projects invites us to a music jam called Blast of Light at the Chilmark Tavern from 7 to 9 p.m. on Saturday. The evening will be hosted by David Stanwood and includes refreshments. All poets are invited to a collaborative poetry reading at the tavern on Tuesday, Feb. 26, from 7 to 9 p.m. This is another project of Pathways. There are many things possible for us at the Pathways Project. Best to call them at 508-645-9098 or email pathwaysprojectsinstitutes@gmail.com in order to learn all that is going on there. There are projects for artists of all kinds.

The Friends of the Chilmark Library will offer the movie For Whom The Bell Tolls on tonight at 7 p.m. Refreshments provided.

Congratulations to the staff of the Vineyard Gazette for the 24 awards they received this month, and for the top prize for General Excellence . . . which I will accept in part for all of us columnists who diligently work from home to support our friends and colleagues in Edgartown! Cheers to all!

Barbara Armstrong is keen for news from Qatar where her son, Colin Ruel is working on an art fabrication project at the Doha Airport in that country. He reports that it is very hot and that he has never been surrounded by so much wealth — that from a Chilmark boy! They are building a statue for the airport that has been ordered by the ruling family. We are looking forward to hearing Colin’s stories when he gets back.

Congratulations to grandparents Steve and Susan McGhee. Steve’s son, Geoffrey and his wife, Sara, welcomed daughter Eleanor Katherine Tollefson McGhee on Jan. 29 in Palo Alto, Calif. We look forward to her first Vineyard visit!

Welcome home to Robert and Anne Ganz who have successfully transferred from a long-established life in Washington, D.C. to their longtime summer residence on North Road. They managed to choose the weekend of the storm of the century to travel to Chilmark and joined the rest of us waiting for the return of electricity. We look forward to seeing them in our midst.

Debbie Magnuson is supervising the annual sale and delivery of daffodils in support of the American Cancer Society. The bouquets are $10 and Debbie will deliver for you and to you. The delivery date is March 19. Please call her for details.

Martha’s Vineyard Community Services is joining the Massachusetts White Ribbon Day petitions, an annual effort to raise awareness and challenge social attitudes concerning violence again women. A petition is at town hall for your signature. White Ribbon Day is observed in more than 47 countries. The Chilmark in my mind is free of such miseries, but in the real world, violence is too close. Should anyone need to call the crisis hotline, it is 508-696-7233.