Producers were on the Island Friday to begin casting for The Vineyard, a docu-soap reality show scheduled to film on the Island this spring.

25/7 Productions held a closed casting call at the Mansion House to find a cast for the show, which is billed as a “dramatic coming-of-age” reality show chronicling the lives of a small group of 18 to 24 year olds on the Island.

Creator and executive producer David Broome told the Gazette last week that he chose the Vineyard as a location because “the population explodes and the look and feel of the Island becomes dramatically different between that three to four-month period of time. And because of that, there’s this organic ticking clock; there’s this limited period of time that our castmates have to go there, to find relationships, and then they’re leaving . . . I find that to be a very interesting dynamic that Martha’s Vineyard has to offer.”

The show will focus on a set of cast members, many of whom will work together at a restaurant and live together in a house. On Thursday, Mr. Broome and 25/7 vice president of productions Yong Yam were on the Island scouting houses.

With news of the show last week came a swift reaction from some Islanders, who took to social media and the Gazette’s website to express their dismay about the idea. Buzz circulated around the Island about who had been contacted to be on the show, with some saying they hoped to be cast.

The show is set to film in May, and the eight one-hour episodes will air on the ABC Family network starting in July, Mr. Broome told the Gazette last week.

Casting will continue Saturday and Sunday in Boston to accomodate those who may summer on the Island but are living off-Island or away at school.